March Groc Feature

trending in 2014

We asked Marlene’s buyers what’s popular lately, and here’s what they told us!


Groc Feature PGX ProteinWeight loss products Herbal and nutritional diet support aids like chromium picolinate and PGX always sell well, because they have a history of researched efficacy in supporting weight loss and regulating blood sugar. Lately, garcinia cambogia, in particular, is enjoying a comeback.

Fish oil and omega 3s
As we’ve been reporting for years, the essential fatty acids in omega oils assist with brain and nerve function, healthy arteries, mood support, and many other physiological functions.

Another supplement we’ve been recommending for years has suddenly been embraced by the mainstream, with virtually every yogurt and milk producer adding these beneficial bacteria to their products. Ask our staff to show you the best brands on the market.

Digestive bitters
A traditional preparation that served the digestive needs of earlier generations, bitters are back in a big way. Even Martha Stewart is sharing recipes for bitters as a digestive aperitif.


Allergen-free foods are the fastest-growing category in the grocery aisles. Last year, gluten-free products topped this list, but Tacoma grocery buyer Marla Neff reports that customers routinely ask us for soy, corn, wheat, and gluten-Groc Feature Raw Coconut Waterfree foods, adding that Marlene’s inventory will continue to reflect the diverse needs of customers.

Demand for GMO-free foods continues to grow in all sectors.

Pre-packaged, shelf-stable, raw food product inventory continues to expand as more and more of you incorporate raw, whole foods into your daily diets.

Anything coconut – coconut water, coconut oil (for internal and external), kefirs, yogurts, milks, even ice cream.


Groc Feature Ground BuffaloAs interest in the Paleo Diet continues to grow, non-beef meats like buffalo and lamb are gaining turf, as are frozen bones for bone broth soup. Try a Wild Idea buffalo steak or kielbasa for a delicious, grass-fed classic.

Groc Feature Full TiltAll aboard the Full Tilt ice cream train! Vegan and hemp ice cream alternatives hailing from Seattle are here. The Hemp vanilla flavor is already enjoying sweet popularity.


Raw milk sales are always great, and alternatives to bovine dairy products, like vegan and vegetarian sour creams, yogurts, and butters, are selling very well as the increase in food-sensitive populations continues to grow.


Heirloom grains of all kinds are trending now, especially quinoa, the emerging grain du jour for those new to natural, whole foods. Low in fat and rich in protein, quinoa is available in traditional white, tri-color, or sprouted.