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* Labor DayLabor Day


Acure Facials
with Virginia Holman
Saturday, Sept. 6
10 pm - Noon and 1 - 3pm
Federal Way


Esthetician Rosa Marin is back with another fun, interactive class on using ACURE skincare products to enhance natural beauty. All guests receive some one-on-one “face time” with Virginia, who will address individual skin concerns and which products are most effective for each skin type. After guests choose one or more naturally-derived, food-based ACURE products, Virginia will end class with a beauty Q and A. Pre-register to reserve your spot and receive an ACURE gift bag and discount coupon toward any ACURE product!

* Super Senior SundaySuper Senior Sunday

All seniors 65 and older receive 10% off all purchase and a free 8oz. carrot juice!

* Uniform MondayUniform Monday

10% off all purchases for all uniformed military, police and firefighters.

* Staying StrongStaying Strong

Staying Strong and Using Your Energy for What Matters Most
with Daphne Michaels, CMCH
Tuesday, Sept. 9
7:00 pm


Depression, anger, self-loathing, or general dissatisfaction with life may be related to not understanding how to use your energy for what matters most. Join licensed counselor and spiritual teacher Daphne Michaels and learn how to use your energy to strengthen your spirit, mind, body, and dreams for your future. Discover where you are losing energy, balance your outlook, and strengthen your commitment to live each day at your highest potential. Learn to fully say “yes!” to your desire to create the life you’ve always dreamed of! Daphne will sign copies of her new book, The Gifted, as well as her previously published titles, after the event.

* Lighten Up!Lighten Up!

Let Go and Lighten Up!
with Denise Frakes
Thursday, Sept. 11
6:30 pm
Federal Way


Are you ready to lighten up? Could your “stuff” be holding you back? Removing your clutter allows unexpected gifts and increased energy flow into your life. Learn to reinvigorate your life and living space through the practice of surrender with Denise Frakes. Co-owner of Blue Sky Services, a professional cleaning company of 23 years and Good Vibrations, a company dedicated to helping minimize stress and increase natural radiance, Denise offers life coaching and writes about residue-free living, healing environments, and green cleaning. Natural cleaning product samples for all in attendance!

* Safe Detox ProtocolSafe Detox Protocol

Safe, Effective Detoxification Protocols
with Susan Blake, NTP, GCP
Saturday, Sept. 13
10 am-1 pm
Federal Way


Our bodies are designed to naturally detoxify themselves every day, but this self-balancing mechanism only works when all its systems are functioning properly. Join popular Marlene’s instructor Susan Blake to learn about the body’s built-in detoxification systems, how to best support them, and whether or not you are a candidate for a cleansing protocol.

* Essential OilsEssential Oils

Introduction to the Healing Benefits of Essential Oils
with Elizabeth A. Bloom, DHM
Tuesday, Sept. 16
7 pm


Join us for an interactive and introductory class on the healing benefits of essential oils. All attendees will discover how to integrate essential oil blends into a healthy lifestyle to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing and will personally experience the entire Elizabeth Essentials line. Learn the multitude of uses and healing properties of each formula and explore the benefits for your family, friends, clients, and extended community. Bring your questions and enjoy a fun, educational couple of hours that just may change your life!

* Lymph DrainageLymph Drainage

Benefits of Lymph Drainage
with Nicole Wirth, LMP
Thursday, Sept. 18
6:30 pm
Federal Way


A healthy lymph system should purify up to 3 liters of fluid every day, yet most of us are so congested that barely one liter is moved in a 24 hour period. Having safely lost over 70 pounds through lymphatic clearing, Nicole knows that congested lymph is often mistaken for fat. Instead of facelifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks, dredging and clearing impurities through proper drainage will tighten, lift, and firm the skin. Learn the basics of the lymphatic system, how electronic lymphatic machines work, why lymphatic work is the first thing one should do after chemotherapy or radiation, and how even our emotions are impacted by the quality of our lymphatic flow.

* Wild FermentedWild Fermented

Wild Fermented Sauerkrauts
with Summer Bock
Saturday, Sept. 20
Noon - 3 pm
Federal Way


Learn how to revitalize your digestion immediately! After covering the steps to rebuilding healthy gut flora, Summer will demonstrate how to make home batches of probiotic-rich, wild. fermented sauerkraut customized with cumin, fennel, caraway, dill, chiles and more. Attendees will samples all flavors and each will receive a coupon for a private Gut Rebuilding Strategy Session with Summer, health coach, herbalist, and fermentationist from Olympia. Please pre-register so Summer can prepare adequately for your experience.

* Medicinal MushroomsMedicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms: Nature's Ancient Healing Allies
with Linda Zurich
Tuesday, Sept. 23
7 pm


Sought for eons by shamans, herbalists, healers and spiritual seekers, medicinal mushrooms are among the most extensively studied and scientifically documented of all herbs, and are renowned for their anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune-modulating properties. Join our exploration into the 5th Kingdom to discover some of the lore and history of these unique fungi, as well as their therapeutic constituents, healing properties, and role in nature. Enjoy a cup of the medicinal mushroom tea and become empowered with age-old knowledge about the incredible benefits of these remarkable, ancient, healing allies.

* Why Alkaline?Why Alkaline?

Why Alkaline?
with Christina Gohl
Thursday, Sept. 25
6:30 pm
Federal Way


What do cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and obesity all have in common? They are all acidity-related diseases! Christina Gohl, kinesiologist, will explore the lengths your body will go to in order to balances pH and what happens when it cannot. We’ll look at the effects of acidosis and how what we eat and drink are probably contributing to the problem. Christina will share some easy tips for making small changes to your diet to improve health and balance pH!

* Sugar-Free SnacksSugar-Free Snacks

Sensational Sugar-Free Snacks
with Kim “in the kitchen” Thornton
Saturday, Sept. 27
10 – 11 am
Federal Way


Whether it’s a boost after school or exercise, or a tasty treat to stabilize your blood sugar, these snack are long on taste and short on prep time. Students will observe preparation of two powerfully nutritious snacks that boost mind and body. In the “something to nibble” category, Kim will make Pecan Delight: a tasty, chewy treat filled with much-needed magnesium, that’s easy to modify, and helps satisfy that sweet tooth in healthy way. In the “something to sip” arena, students will learn to make Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Shake, a must for anyone who enjoys chocolate. All of Kim’s classes are celiac, vegan, paleo- and primal-friendly, and recipes are free of gluten, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, and peanuts. Students will taste all samples and leave class with a great recipe handout.

* Treating LymeTreating Lyme

Identifying and Treating Lyme
with Iva Talacko, AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach
Tuesday, Sept. 30
7 pm


After a lifetime of poor health, Iva Talacko had finally begun to feel well when, in 2000, she became ill with a mystery disease. In 2003, after numerous mis-diagnoses, countless medications, and debilitating pain, migraines, back degeneration, skin issues, unable to work, she lost her home and vocation. Over the next several years, as Iva learned she had the classic symptoms of Lyme disease, she accepted that traditional medical intervention could not help her, and launched her own search for her answers. By radically shifting her diet and lifestyle, Iva eventually regained her health and now lives a relatively symptom-free life, sharing her experience and holistic health knowledge with others.

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