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* 4th of July4th of July

Marlene's will be closed at both locations for the 4th of July holiday! Have a Safe & Sane 4th of July!

* Super Senior SundaySuper Senior Sunday

All seniors 65 and older receive 10% off all purchase and a free 8oz. carrot juice!

* Selecting/Using Sea VegetablesSelecting/Using Sea Vegetables

Selecting and Using Sea Vegetables
with Cheryl Quinn, MS, CN
Tuesday, July 8
7 pm,


In addition to vitamins and phytonutrients, sea vegetables are concentrated powerhouses of all the essential minerals and trace elements required for our body’s physiological functions, and in quantities far surpassing those of land plants! Frequent consumption of sea vegetables can boost metabolism, contribute to glowing skin and shiny hair, regulate blood sugar, and protect against exposure to radiation and the absorption of heavy metals and other environmental toxins. A Certified Nutritionist, Cheryl will discuss the nutritional content and selection considerations of different varieties of sea vegetables, as well as ideas for daily use. Join Cheryl and sample Kelp Sesame Brittle and Cucumber Wakame Salad in this fun new class.

* Screening: VeducatedScreening: Veducated

Screening: Veducated
hosted by Nina Osberg, MA PCRM, Certified Food for Life
Thursday, July 10
6:30 pm


Federal Way
Join us for this award-winning documentary, which follows three meat-and-cheese-loving New Yorkers as they experiment with veganism and learn the true nature of the animal agriculture industry. Nina Osberg, health coach and owner of NourishNW, will be present after the film to offer tips on transitioning to a plant-based diet. Nina holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell.

* What’s in Your Condiments?What’s in Your Condiments?

What’s in Your Condiments?
with Susan Blake, NTP, CGP
Saturday, July 12
10 am - 1 pm


Federal Way
Are you trying to avoid sugar, refined salt, processed soy, and refined oil in order to be healthier? Then it’s time to look carefully at the condiments you are eating and how to upgrade your choices! Learn which common ingredients to avoid, see a demonstration on how to make mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressing and creamy curry sauce, and taste samples of all. Attendees will also learn to ferment some recipes for additional benefits and longer shelf life and, if time permits, will learn to make shrimp paste, an excellent source of Vitamins D and “good” cholesterol.

* Uniform MondayUniform Monday

10% off all purchases for all uniformed military, police and firefighters.

* Natural Support for MigrainesNatural Support for Migraines

Natural Support for Migraines & Headaches
with Gloria Gilbère, PhD, DA Hom, DSC
Tuesday, July 15
7 pm


Instead of adding to the body’s toxic load with drug-management, learn to treat migraines holistically. Attendees will explore the anatomy of migraines and headaches, including dental-related pain, and learn to identify triggers from food, aromas, visual, and environmental elements. We’ll also look at hormone imbalances, medication “rebound”, ergonomics and other saboteurs, then discover some effective, non-drug solutions to headache and migraine pain. Dr. Gilbère is a doctor of natural health, and a homeopath based in Gig Harbor.

* Getting Rid of HeadachesGetting Rid of Headaches

Getting Rid of Headaches and Migraines Once and For All
with Jamie Davis, East Asian Medicine Practitioner
Thursday, July 17
6:30 pm


Federal Way
Too many people suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, be it the stubborn pain that keeps coming back or the debilitating pain that never goes away. Living your life in pain, especially from headaches and migraines, is no way to live! Join a local acupuncturist and Asian medical practitioner when she discusses the root causes that lead to headaches and migraines and how to help eliminate them once and for all using the tenants of whole health and Chinese medicine.

* Escaping Sugar's GripEscaping Sugar's Grip

Escaping Sugar's Grip, Juicing 101, and Veggie Dehydrating
with Sherry Fry, CHFS and Steve Fry, CHFS
Saturday, July 19
10 am – Noon


Federal Way
Why and how is sugar harmful? How can we answer sweet cravings without compromising health? In this class, attendees will get answers to those questions as they learn to make smoothies, safe juices (yes, there is a safety concern!), crackers made from flax seeds and juice pulp, and coconut-based dessert bars, all of which are natural sweet and build health! Steve and Sherry will acquaint students with the ease, energy, and fun that comes from making foods with quality ingredients. It’s worth the effort and your sweet tooth will not be disappointed!

* Waldorf Education Experience Waldorf Education Experience

The Waldorf Education Experience
with Kim Gonczar, Stacey Evans-Agnew and Shandra Johnson
Tuesday, July 22
7 pm


Waldorf education has become the preferred education system by parents seeking a head, heart, and hands approach to learning for their children. Join teachers from the Tacoma Waldorf School for a glimpse into why this particularly system and its age-by-age curriculum is reviving the roots of true education around the world. After a brief introduction, specially-trained teachers from the “Cherry Blossom” preschool, the mixed-age “Starlight Kindergarten”, and grades 1 through 5 will take you on a journey to understand how and why thinking, feeling, and willing are engaged and inspired in Waldorf schools.

* 21 Day Raw Food Challenge21 Day Raw Food Challenge

21 Day Raw Food Challenge
with Jesse Prather
Thursday, July 24
6:30 pm


Federal Way
It’s said that 21 days is all it takes to build a new habit. Are you up to the challenge of eating delicious, raw, live foods for 21 days straight in order to cultivate more energy, better sleep, heightened mental clarity, elimination of constipation, and more? Meal plans for three meals a day for 21 days will be provided in this unique new class with Jesse, who changed his cancer diagnosis by using the same diet. Private, off-site coaching will be offered throughout the 21 days for those who need additional support. Whether or not you intend to go “all raw,” this challenge still offers amazing health benefits for those ready to incorporate more healthy foods into their lifestyle. Also included: Jesse’s recipe for raw apple pie!

* Heal Your WheelHeal Your Wheel

Heal Your Wheel: Native Approaches to Intestinal Health
with Dirk Yow
Saturday, July 26
10 am – Noon


Federal Way
In this native-inspired workshop, Dirk Yow, medicine man and traditional leader of the Tlingit tribal community, explores internal ceremonial purification practices like colon hydrotherapy and inner detoxification using the Medicine Wheel approach. Along with decades of study under some of the most noted authorities on ozone colon hydrotherapy, Yow also recently earned a BA in the study of gut microbes and Medicinal Botany at The Evergreen State College.

* New Diagnostic TestsNew Diagnostic Tests

New Diagnostic Tests Using Genetics, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, and Nutrition
with Laurie Marti, MD
Tuesday, July 29
7 pm


It is absolutely essential that we be proactive about our health, whether we want to prevent disease, optimize our physical or mental function, treat symptoms of imbalance, or even reverse diseases that are already present. Whether you’re dealing with diabetes, elevated cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, or some other physical imbalance, you’ll benefit from this new talk with Dr. Laurie Marti. Join us for a look at recent research into hormones and neurotransmitters, and how this information affects symptoms, testing, and treatment options. Dr. Marti’s new book, "Haute Medicine", will be available at price for $24.95 per copy and a drawing will be held for two free books and one free 1/2 hour consultation with Dr. Marti (a $200 value!).

* “Mercury Mouth” “Mercury Mouth”

Do You Have “Mercury Mouth”?
with Carla Yamashiro, DDS, NMD, IBDM
Thursday, July 31


Federal Way
Banned in countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Canada, mercury is still accounts for up to 50% of the material used in dental amalgams (commonly called “fillings”) in the U.S. More toxic than arsenic and lead, mercury is a relatively cheap material and thus, continues to be used by more than half of American dentists. Examine the impact mercury fillings have on our health and our environment and what you can do to minimize your exposure and risk to the poison in our teeth when Dr. Carla Yamashiro, a board-certified naturopathic physician who practices holistic dentistry and integrative biologic dental medicine in Bonney Lake, makes her debut appearance at Marlene’s.

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