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* Shop! Cook! Eat! seriesShop! Cook! Eat! series

SHOP: Part One of Shop! Cook! Eat! series
with Deena “the Deceptive Chef” Scholl
Saturday, April 5
10 – Noon


Federal Way
Living “without” is deceptively easy when you know how to buy and prepare certain foods and when you know how to eat safely when away from home. In session one of this innovative new series, Deena will take students through the aisles at Marlene’s, reading labels, discussing the best ingredients and brands, and exploring the many ways to use certain foods to make healthy versions of their favorite dishes. Although it’s not mandatory, Deena recommends this foundation class as preparation for the COOK! and EAT! sessions in May and June. Let The Deceptive Chef teach you how to save countless hours and dollars by taking the uncertainty out of gluten, dairy, and sugar-free living! An ample take-home recipe packet is included in this low class price.

* Understanding InflammationUnderstanding Inflammation

Understanding Inflammation and Keys to Successful Treatment
with Dan Chapman, B.S.
Tuesday, April 8
7 pm


Nerve, joint, and muscle pain are often signs of internal inflammation, but few people realize the underlying causes of inflammation, or its impact on the body. Join Dan Chapman of Redd Remedies® to learn more about why humans experience pain and which foods, herbs, and supplements can normalize nerve and muscle function, restore healthy joints, and support healthy kidney function to lower uric acid levels. Attendees will receive free samples and a raffle will be held for a basket of assorted Redd products!

* Heritable HealthHeritable Health

Heritable Health
with Susan Blake, CN, NTP, CGP
Thursday, April 10
6:30 pm


Federal Way
Yes we DO have the ability to influence genetically-expressed health conditions! Come learn how epigenetics and gut flora impact our health, the health of our children, and that of subsequent generations. A certified nutritionist, Susan will discuss how optimum dietary and lifestyle choices alter genetic expression. Students will learn about the famous “Pottenger’s Cats” research as well as the landmark Swedish study of trans-generational eipigenetics.

* Roadmap to a Health SoulRoadmap to a Health Soul

Roadmap to a Health Soul
with Guy Devin, Ph. D
Saturday, April 12
11 am – 3 pm


Federal Way
Let’s talk about how to create a happy, healthy, multi-dimensional life that’s flexible, fun, and free of denial and discipline! If you’re ready to shift your thinking to create a healthy mind, body and spirit, join Guy when he discusses seven core principles for creating a high vibrational soul, including primary vs. secondary foods, physical nutrients, energetic, and spiritual nutrients, and how to recognize and feed your subtle body. Guy will also talk about personal energetic pathways using color therapy, sound, and crystal healing, and will demonstrate Aura-Soma, a tool for discerning what colors reveal about you. An ordained minister, Guy holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, board certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and Medical Intuitive!

* Achieve Lifelong Bone HealthAchieve Lifelong Bone Health

Stand Tall: Achieve Lifelong Bone Health
with Audrey Ross, ND
Tuesday, April 15
7 pm


Especially as they age, men and women both need to supplement their diets to maintain health, but how does one choose supplements to support bone health that really work? Naturopath and educator Audrey Ross, Ph.D, joins us from California to discuss the many factors contributing to bone density and bone health that affect men and woman – and it's not just calcium! Audrey is widely recognized for her ability to bridge conventional and alternative approaches to health and wellness

* Rethinking Your Vitamin RegimeRethinking Your Vitamin Regime

Are They Effective? Rethinking Your Vitamin Regimen
with Audrey Ross, ND
Wednesday, April 16
6:30 pm


Federal Way
With today’s compromised water, air, soil, and food, food-based formulas that can be assimilated by the body are vital for achieving and maintaining health. Join brain surgery survivor, and naturopathic doctor, Audrey Ross, when she shares from her personal journey to health, which included high-quality, nutrition-based supplements. Audrey will also explain why it’s so important that individuals take the right blend in the right dosage for their unique health needs. Please arrive early to ensure good seating.

* Internal Cleansing PracticesInternal Cleansing Practices

Exploring Internal Cleansing Practices
with Linda Zurich
Thursday, April 17


Federal Way
Being proactive about internal detoxification is an absolutely crucial aspect of holistic health and healing in the 21st century. Ever keen to expand her knowledge of how best to support the inherent cleansing wisdom of the body, Linda continues to share the results of her ongoing quest to seek out, research, and experiment with a wide variety of supplements, natural cleansing substances, and detox protocols. Join her when she shares insights on some of the best ideas for cleansing on both daily and occasional bases, as well as the most effective ways to avoid a “healing crisis” when doing deeper periodic or seasonal detoxes.

* Spring Open HouseSpring Open House

Spring Open House & Earth Day Celebration
Saturday, April 19
11 am – 3 pm, both stores
Demos, education, gift basket giveaways, and friendly faces!

* EasterEaster

* Therapeutic Essential OilsTherapeutic Essential Oils

Introduction to Therapeutic Essential Oils
with Elizabeth Bloom, DHM
Tuesday, April 22
7 pm


Join Elizabeth Bloom, creator and CEO of Elizabeth Essentials, when she reprises this popular, interactive class on therapeutic essential oil blends. A longtime holistic educator, formulator, and Doctor of Homeopathy, Elizabeth will discuss applications of specific blends for a variety of imbalances from inflammation, pain, hormonal disturbances to Parkinson’s, stress, depression and insomnia. A popular, educational, and uplifting class!

* Earth DayEarth Day

* Gluten-Free EmpowermentGluten-Free Empowerment

Gluten-Free Empowerment, Part Two
with Kris Shaw, L. Ac.
Thursday, April 24
6:30 pm

$20 each

Federal Way
This class is for those ready to deepen their knowledge and skills for transitioning to a fully gluten-free lifestyle. Attendees will expand their cooking horizons and shopping choices with satisfying wheat and gluten-free entrées and snacks. Learn how to convert recipes and peruse gluten-free mixes for flours, bread, cookies, muffins, pancakes and even sandwich alternatives. Students will hear strategic tips for dining out and how to read food labels to find hidden gluten ingredients. A longtime allergy elimination specialist, Kris will offer important tips about what to do when you are tempted to “cheat” on your gluten-free diet and how to counter the consequences and symptoms that follow. Kris will also offer hard-to-find information on gluten-free food preparation for professionals in the food industry.

* The Healthy EdgeThe Healthy Edge

Introduction to The Healthy Edge
with Amber Thiel
Saturday, April 26
Noon – 1 pm


Federal Way
Ready to shed some weight in time for summer? Learn keys to lifelong health and healthy weight release that people all over the globe have discovered through The Healthy Edge lifestyle. Now is the time to drop the excuses, the self-sabotage, the emotional eating and other habits holding you back! CEO and Tacoma local, Amber Thiel, will rock your world with engaging information, humor, and the truths necessary for real results.

* Healthy SecretsHealthy Secrets

Healthy Secrets in Your Spice Rack
A gluten-free, celiac-friendly and paleo-compatible class
with "Kim in the Kitchen" Thornton
Saturday, April 26


Federal Way
Did you know spices can have as much or more antioxidant power than fruits or vegetables? Experience a palate-full of flavors with health benefits ranging from enhancing digestion and circulation to reducing inflammation and promoting weight loss. Students will participate in a "spice lab" by tasting individual spices and learning about their origins, processing methods, and healing properties. Next they’ll learn to boost the flavors in their favorite recipes and as well as how to use them to create new, well-seasoned side dishes, soups, salads, sauces, desserts, and even drinks. As always, Kim's classes include delicious and fun samples that are gluten, corn, soy, wheat, and dairy-free AND celiac, diabetic, hypertensive, vegan, raw, paleo, and primal-friendly!

* Sugar: Not So Sweet Anymore!Sugar: Not So Sweet Anymore!

Sugar: Not So Sweet Anymore! with Jolene Holmes, NTP, CGP
Tuesday, April 29th
7 pm


Tacoma> Sugar is hard to avoid, as it is an obvious but often a hidden ingredient in many of the foods we eat. Most of us love sugary foods, but we need to be informed that sugar plays a role in every health condition that plagues the western world today. Jolene leads a sugar detox group twice a year, and she will share with you how to end your sugar cravings and end the inflammation that sugar causes. This information-packed class will explore how sugar affects your health, the different types of sugars, what supplements help with cravings, and how and why can sugar be both a carbohydrate and a fat.

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