The Classic Green


by Christie Qualey

The basic premise of this smoothie makes it adaptable to numerous variations. The key is adding the correct balance of soluble and insoluble fiber fruit and just the right amount of greens. The Classic Green is the most popular smoothie at my food cart, and here it is, out of the bag and undisguised! It’s a tasty, economical blend that utilizes easy-to-find ingredients: apples, bananas, and greens! Hooray! Who knew simplicity tasted so sweet!?


2 cups pure water
3-8 leaves organic kale (start with less if you’re a green novice)
1-2 large organic collard leaf
1 large organic chard leaf (using too much chard will make a salty somoothie!)
3 large organic spotty bananas
2 large organic fuji apples, chopped in fourths (or any variety)
1 cup ice (or 1 frozen banana)



  • Place water and one banana into blender and pulse briefly.
  • Proceed by feeding in the greens. For safety, it may be best to turn the blender on and off, but I personally leave it blending and feed it through the top. I usually tear the greens with my hands before inserting them into the blender, but if your blender is not a beast, chop it ahead of time.
  • Toss in the apples, bananas, and ice (if using).
  • Blend until smooth(ie).

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