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* Marlene’s ClosedMarlene’s Closed

Happy New Year!

* Hearty, Filling, Tasty… Raw!Hearty, Filling, Tasty… Raw!

Raw Foods for Health
with Jenelle York, MS, RD
Saturday, Jan 3
10 am - 1 pm

Jenelle, a Registered Dietitian and vegan pin-up food artist, teaches you to Warming Squash Bisque, Hearty Kale Salad, and Creamy Chocolate Pudding. Learn the health benefits plant-based eating – and taste them, too – in this fun new class!

* Super Senior SundaySuper Senior Sunday

10% off all purchases and free 8oz. carrot juice for those 65 and above!

* Better Health in 2015Better Health in 2015

Overcome Barriers to Better Health in 2015
with Ashley Looker
Tuesday, Jan 6
6:30 pm

Don’t underestimate how your thoughts, feelings and emotions impact your health and ability to “stick with” your healthy lifestyle goals. Learn to overcome barriers, create realistic health goals, and develop a personalized health plan to keep you on track all year! Raffle for a free coaching with Ashley!

* Purify with Water and OxygenPurify with Water and Oxygen

Clear Lymph, Clean Bowels and Purify Liver with Water and Oxygen A talk and book signing
with Dirk “thricealightingonwater” Yow, BS
Thursday, Jan 8
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Water is a solvent, a delivery system, and a catalyst for building hydro-static pressure to create an internal purge response. Learn how to alleviate symptoms of IBS, leaky gut, diverticulitis, gas, bloating, heavy metal accumulation and other imbalances. Book signing for Yow’s new book, Wheels of Wellness, follows his talk.

* Get Back on TrackGet Back on Track

Get Back on Track for the New Year
with Hansie Wong, MD
Saturday, Jan 10
10 am – 11:30 am
Federal Way

Could your New Year’s goals be too broad or too vague? Learn to set realistic resolutions, establish intentions, and create an outline of your goals for the year with an Integrative Health Coach and MD!

* Uniform MondayUniform Monday

10% off to all firefighters, military, and police!

* Gain by LosingGain by Losing

Gain by Losing
with Rex Jones
Tuesday, Jan 13
7 pm

When you "gain" (extra pounds, toxins, stress), your health can actually "lose." But, when you "lose" (extra pounds, toxins, and stress) you actually "gain". Join Garden of Life educator Rex Jones when he takes your health to the next level with a sound, food-based approach to cleansing, detoxifying, and weight loss.

* Healthy AgingHealthy Aging

Don’t Go Deaf, Blind or Lose Your Mind!
with Jonathan V. Wright, MD
Thursday, Jan 15
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Protect your golden years from auditory, visual, and cognitive decline by correcting digestive problems and restoring hormone activity in this rare evening with Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., founder and medical director of the world famous Tahoma Clinic in Renton.

* Health is FragileHealth is Fragile

Health is Fragile, Handle with Food
with Steve and Sherry Fry
Saturday, Jan 17
10 am - 1 pm
Federal Way

This comprehensive but beginner-friendly class offers an overview of our modern diet and its corresponding health challenges. Combined with video trailers and lots of tasty samples, students will learn to make and receive generous samples of Muffin Tops (from fresh ground flour), Bragg-a-Berry Salad, and Cream Cheese Dessert with Raw Cacao.

* Speciesism: The MovieSpeciesism: The Movie

Movie Screening: Speciesism: The Movie
with Nina Osberg
Tuesday, Jan 20
6:30 pm

At its heart, Speciesism asks us to confront the ethical, financial, cultural, and health impact of confined animal feedlot operations and the role of human beings in the animal kingdom.. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, this documentary will be screened by Nina Osberg, certified instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, and certified health coach.

* Releasing TraumaReleasing Trauma

Releasing Trauma through Hypnotherapy
with Ann Curry, MSW
Thursday, Jan 22
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to release emotional blocks and traumas in your past, present and future life. Let hypnotherapist Ann Curry show you how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind and the strength of the soul, to allow for living to your highest potential.

* Healthy Body, Mind and SpiritHealthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
with Susan Blake, NTP, CGP
Saturday, Jan. 24
10 am - 1 pm

Join Susan Blake, NTP, CGP and locate or refine your path to body, mind and spirit health by clearing old patterns to allow new creativity to flow. Learn how each path supports the other through individual and group activities, a guided meditation, and more! Every participant will receive a coupon for a free follow-up visit with the purchase of an initial consultation.

* Beauty, Power, and Make-UpBeauty, Power, and Make-Up

Beauty, Power, and Make-Up
with Laini T. McNeal
Tuesday, January 27
6:30 pm

Allow your definition of beauty to expand! Take a historical journey with Laini T. McNeal to explore make-up’s history as a tool to express one’s unique divinity throughout the centuries, and how to utilize these ancient beauty secrets to create your own beautiful, unique power mask. You will never look at your lipstick the same! There will be an audience member demonstration using holistic beauty products sold at Marlene's.

* Leaky Gut/Brain ChemistryLeaky Gut/Brain Chemistry

Make the Connection: Leaky Gut Syndrome and Brain Chemistry
with Resolute Michaels, NTP
Thursday, January 29
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and ADD/ADHD, can be as simple as a shift in diet. Attendees will receive practical tips, tools, a helpful “cheat sheet” of ideas, take a short quiz, and learn the number one change to make today to begin healing brain and mood issues. Resolute Michaels’ passion is working nutritionally with clients dealing with neurological issues. Resolute will soon complete her certification by the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute to work with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

* Kickstart Your HealthKickstart Your Health

Kickstart Your Health in the New Year
with Nina Osberg
Saturday, Jan 31
6:30 pm

Nina Osberg, Certified Food for Life Instructor, graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, and health coach, helps you get the best start to your New year with a whole foods, plant-based diet. Nina will suggest ways to add more greens, beans, fruits and grains into your daily diet in a fun and easy way. If you're a cancer survivor, have diabetes, want to lose weight or just be healthier in 2015, this class is for you.

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