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* The Inflammation WorkshopThe Inflammation Workshop

The Inflammation Workshop
with Susan Blake, NTP, GCP
Saturday, April 4
10 am – 1 pm with short break
Gratitude offering – pay what you can

Simply targeting inflammation or trying to decrease it without addressing the underlying cause is futile, for inflammation is itself a symptom and part of the immune system. Learn about what contributes to a chronic state of inflammation and what you can do about it. Workshop includes information, self-specific worksheets and handouts, and a coupon for off a Nutritional Therapy package.

* Benefits of Essential Oils Benefits of Essential Oils

The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils
with Elizabeth Bloom, DHM
Tuesday, April 7
6:30 pm

In this interactive class on the healing benefits of essential oils, attendees will learn how to integrate essential oil blends into a healthy lifestyle to achieve and maintain optimal health. Everyone will personally experience the entire Elizabeth Essentials line and hear about the multitude of uses and healing properties of each formula. Bring your questions and enjoy a fun, educational, and possibly life-changing evening!

* Fats, Fish Oils, and YouFats, Fish Oils, and You

Fats, Fish Oils, and You
with Sara Carter, MS
Wednesday, April 8
6:30 pm

In honor of Carlson Labs’ 50th anniversary, their national educator stops by to discuss which fats are good for the body and which should be avoided, why Vitamin D is essential and which forms are most absorbable, and how to choose the best fish oil for cardiovascular and immune health. Guests will receive a special gift at end of class.

* Adrenal FatigueAdrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue: A National Epidemic
with Doug Walsh, NTP
Thursday, April 9
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Your adrenal glands secrete over 50 hormones, many of which are essential to your overall health and vitality. Unfortunately, life in the modern world is not kind to our adrenal glands, and many modern humans experience a debilitating condition known as adrenal fatigue. In this class, we will explore the many different causes and consequences of adrenal fatigue, assessment options to determine your adrenal health, as well as ways to support the health and vitality of these important glands. A popular educator at Marlene’s, Doug Walsh is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

* Wild Fermented SauerkrautWild Fermented Sauerkraut

Wild Fermented Sauerkraut
with Meghan Hintz, LMP
Saturday, April 11
10 am – Noon

Learn the history and science of fermentation and see how easy it is to safely make raw sauerkraut teeming with probiotics that improve digestion, boost immunity, and increase energy levels. Attendees will sample Olykraut, take home recipes and instructions to create raw fermented sauerkraut themselves, and receive a special rate on a Wellness Breakthrough session.

* Inner Health, Outer BeautyInner Health, Outer Beauty

Inner Health, Outer Beauty
with Audrey Ross, ND
Tuesday, May 12
6:30 pm

How can you support bone health and lessen the risk of fractures? Is extra collagen helpful for your external appearance? Naturopathic physician Audrey Ross answers your questions and shares Country Life supplement samples.

* Talk, Taste, and Take HomeTalk, Taste, and Take Home

Talk, Taste, and Take Home
with Kim “in the kitchen” Thornton
Tuesday, April 14
6:30 pm
$15 (includes Salsa QCard, a value)

Join innovative chef/educator Kim Thornton to learn the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists were created, who maintains them, the best times to put these tools into action, and how they can help you improve your health, energy, and weight! Attendees will sample delicious recipes, take home a valuable handout, and additional resources for looking and feeling great. Pre-registration required.

* Parasite-Ridding ProtocolsParasite-Ridding Protocols

Parasite-Ridding Protocols
with Breanne Rice, NTP
Thursday, April 16
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Intestinal parasites can be very hard to diagnose and may be contributing to underlying chronic inflammatory and gastrointestinal conditions. If you have food allergies, bloating, chronic hives, or auto-immune conditions, you may be hosting unwanted bacteria or organisms in your GI tract. Join a Nutritional Therapist to learn how to identify and rid yourself of these debilitating organisms.

* Facial BrushingFacial Brushing

Facial Brushing for Skin Toning and Lymph Drainage
with Nicole Wirth, LMP
Tuesday, April 21
6:30 pm

When practiced correctly and consistently, dry skin brushing of the face, neck, and décolleté helps exfoliate and remove dead cells and toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and assist the body in draining dead lymph cells. Join a lymph drainage specialist to learn how often to brush, which tools to use, and how much pressure and in which direction the stroking techniques should follow for best results. An audience will be chosen for a live demonstration.

* What’s in Your Dirt?What’s in Your Dirt?

What’s in Your Dirt? Part One (Part Two is optional)
with Hendrikus and Nirav
Thursday, April 23
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Complex as it is, what soil needs to thrive is actually pretty simple. Known for their incredible landscapes, organic fertilizers, and the PBS series “Gardening with Ciscoe,” the masterminds at Hendrikus Organics will discuss the five universal soil problems, how to read soil, and the simple things you can do to amend it in order to create optimum health and vitality for your plants.

* Brain Injury/AwakeningBrain Injury/Awakening

From Brain Injury to Brain Awakening
with Mia Dalene Marcum-McCoy, M.A.
Saturday, April 25
10 am – Noon
Federal Way

Thoughts, beliefs and nutrition are the focal point of this educational event. Mia, a traumatic brain injury survivor, mother, raw food chef, author and creator of the Smart Raw Food Method, discusses her new book Phenomenal Brain Power: From Brain Injury to Brain Awakening. Learn what anyone can do to increases their brain power and hear how what you feed your brain affects your life.

* Homemade Water KefirHomemade Water Kefir

Homemade Water Kefir
with Julie Martin of Oly-Cultures
Tuesday, April 28
6:30 pm
$40 (includes Oly-Cultures Water Kefir Kit, a value)

Water kefir is a probiotic beverage made with water kefir grains. Existing in a symbiotic relationship, kefir grains contain high amounts of “good” bacteria and yeast. Observe how to create water kefir at home using Oly-Cultures’ DIY kit (included in class price) and discover how easy it is to make a delicious, lactose-free alternative to milk kefir, as well as various flavorings to customize your kefir.

* What’s Dirt Got to Do w/ It?What’s Dirt Got to Do w/ It?

What’s Dirt Got to Do with It? Everything! Part Two of Two (Part One is optional)
with Nirav of Hendirkus Organics
Thursday, April 30
6:30 pm
Federal Way

Although many are awakening to the connection between soil and human health, few understand how deep and complex that connection is. In fact, over 50% of deaths from chronic diseases can be traced back to the soil. Landscape consultant Nirav will share vital soil tips to help you create a thriving, healthy garden!

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