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* Medicinal Mushrooms with DougMedicinal Mushrooms with Doug

Optimizing Immunity with Medicinal Mushrooms with Doug Walsh, MA, NTP | Tuesday, October 4 6:30 pm, FREE Medicinal mushrooms are important allies that help us optimize the function of our immune system. Join Doug Walsh, nutritional therapist practitioner, as he explains how not all medicinal mushrooms supplements are created equal. Learn which qualities to look for in a medicinal mushroom supplement in order to get the most potent formula and the quickest results.

* ADD-with Resolute Michaels ADD-with Resolute Michaels

Simple Strategies for the ADD Lifestyle with Resolute Michaels, NTP | Thursday, October 6 6:30 pm, FREE Is ADD distracting you from planning and organizing the life you want? If your thoughts are blocked by static, your actions will reflect it. Learn how to clear the static with Resolute as she shares her five simple strategies to get back on track. More importantly, students will be encouraged to join the discussion on how to implement these strategies into their daily lives in a way that works for them. Attendees will also complete a short quiz and receive helpful materials to take home.


Non-GMO DAY Saturday, October 8 11 am - 3 pm Federal Way & Tacoma Wine tasting noon - 2 pm!

* Lymphatic and Breast HealthLymphatic and Breast Health

The Lymphatic System and Breast Health with Nicole Wirth | Tuesday, October 11 6:30 pm, FREE If inflammation is the cause of all diseases, then lymph is the healer! The lymphatic vessels that drain congestion in our bodies are the same vessels that bring our nutrition in. Our lymph impacts our digestion, skin, brain, and so much more. In this lecture, Nicole will focus on how lymph affects our skin and breast health. Students will learn the proper drainage techniques for breast tissue, Nicole’s recipe for an herbal breast salve, and leave with a better understanding of how lymphatic drainage can help your whole body.

* Trace Minerals-Dr. Starkey NDTrace Minerals-Dr. Starkey ND

Trace Minerals Within Your Body with Darrin Starkey, ND | Wednesday, October 12 6:30 pm, FREE Ionic trace minerals are essential for optimum health. Dr. Starkey joins us from Trace Minerals Research in Utah to discuss how chronic mineral deficiency sabotages your health, how ionic trace minerals function in the body, how to increase absorption and reduce acidity, and why supplementation is vital even if you eat raw fruits and vegetables regularly.

* Bread Pudding-Julie MartinBread Pudding-Julie Martin

Bread Pudding (Her Way) with Julie Martin | Saturday, October 15 10 am - 1 pm, $30 The founder of Oly- Cultures, Julie Martin, will be sharing one of her family’s favorite seasonal creations: bread pudding (made her way). Considered a “poor man’s” pudding in the 11th century, it was a great way for families to use their stale bread instead of throwing it out. Julie will make her bread pudding in the traditional manner, with the addition of some unusual ingredients of her own. Bread pudding samples will be served with a warm whiskey sauce at the end of the class. Bring your appetite!

* Breast Cancer Prevention Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention and Survivorship with Paul Reilly, ND | Tuesday, October 18 6:30 pm, FREE Already the second leading cause of death in the U.S., the American Society for Clinical Oncology predicts that cancer mortalities will exceed those of heart disease within 20 years. Join Dr. Reilly as he discusses breast cancer risk factors, natural remedies for prevention and survivorship, as well as support for patients currently undergoing treatment for cancer. What we’re learning about the changes in cancer cells today gives us promising new ways to reduce our risk of this insidious disease.

* Constipation & Breast DiseaseConstipation & Breast Disease

Constipation and Breast Disease with Dirk Yow | Thursday, October 20 6:30 pm, FREE Ancient healing philosophies combined with modern research have found a link between the colon’s optimal function and the body’s reliance upon this function for the daily removal of toxins. Studies show that women who have irregular bowel movements are four times more likely to develop breast disease than women who have regular (daily) movements. Join PIOH Practitioner and Medicine Man Dirk Yow as he discusses the build up of mercury, arsenic, and aluminum in the environment and better ways to relieve their toxic burden on your body.

* Health is Fragile-The FrysHealth is Fragile-The Frys

Health is Fragile - Handle with Food with Steven B. Fry, CHFS and Sherry Fry, NTP, CHFS | Saturday, October 22 10 am – Noon, $10 Steve and Sherry Fry of Common Sense Nutritional Therapy will help you truly understand what real food is! Learn how to sustain optimal health by conquering the “grocery jungle” and identifying those edible imposters. Recover from the unsuspected effects of today’s modern diet! The ever-changing landscape of food in America has been a moving target, but there are traditional food choices that still stand tall. Come taste, see, and learn how to incorporate them into your life. Deliciously healthy samples provided.

* New Leaf Hyperbaric TherapyNew Leaf Hyperbaric Therapy

New Leaf Hyperbaric Therapy with Sara Anderson and Cat Redinbo | Tuesday, October 25 6:30 pm, FREE Got air? Hyperbaric therapy can safely and comfortably increase your oxygen levels as much as ten times their original level! This improves sleep, expedites healing, decreases inflammation, and boosts your immune system, all while providing an outstanding detox. Hyperbaric therapy has helped with numerous conditions including autism, stroke, fibromyalgia, diabetes, athletic injuries, and so much more! Join New Leaf Hyperbarics in Tacoma to see a chamber up-close and get answers to the questions you’ve been meaning to ask!

* Breast Cancer DetectionBreast Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer Detection and Prevention with Thermography with Lenna Shepard, CCT | Thursday, October 27 6:30 pm, FREE Approximately 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime, and this number is on the rise. Explore the dietary and lifestyle factors that impact breast cancer risk, including a look at genetically modified organisms. Thermography can detect changes in breast cells years before they can be seen with mammography and can also identify abnormalities in thyroid, brain, heart, lymph and other areas of the body without invasive medical procedures. Join Lenna Shepard, CCT for a discussion of breast cancer prevention tips, insight into early detection methods, and natural treatment techniques.

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