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* Reflexology for Pain ReductionReflexology for Pain Reduction

Reflexology for Pain Reduction & Better Health with Linda Frank, RF, NBCR Tuesday, September 6 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma Reflexology has been shown to help digestive and other processes, and a recent study showed a 40% reduction of pain after reflexology. Discover the art and science of this remarkable though lesser-known Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) touch modality that research studies have shown to impact all body systems. Attendees will receive a free reflexology map and some points for self-care. Linda Frank is a state and national board certified reflexologist with offices in Federal Way, Tacoma, and University Place.

* Preventing Age-Related Sports Preventing Age-Related Sports

Preventing Age-Related Sports Injuries with Tim Newton, MPT, ATC Thursday, September 8 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way In 2010, an estimated 7.2 million men and women had surgery for hip and knee replacements, but how many of those could have been prevented? Hip and knee pain are among the top musculoskeletal complaints that people see their doctors about. Much of this joint pain, usually associated with aging, may be addressed conservatively without any surgery at all. Join physical therapist Tim Newton as he discusses options for joint pain prevention and ways to ease your discomfort today.

* Moroccan Culinary - MitraMoroccan Culinary - Mitra

A Moroccan Culinary Adventure and Wine Pairing with Mitra Mohandessi Saturday, September 10 10 am - Noon, $30 Tacoma The cuisine of Morocco is a delicious blend of Jewish, African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean foods. In this culinary adventure you will learn about the essentials of Moroccan cooking, including the condiments, spice mixes and herbs used in everyday and special dishes. We’ll begin by making the quintessential Moroccan condiment, preserved lemons. Next we’ll make Slada jazar wa jban, fragrant roasted carrots with cumin and goat cheese; Djaj bil Bouawid, a tagine of chicken with caramelized baby onions, pears and plums; and Berber Kesksou, spicy couscous with dried fruit and nuts, and saffron. Students over 21 years of age will also enjoy a specially-chosen wine as they sample each dish. Please pre-register.

* Upshift Your Life - DeniseUpshift Your Life - Denise

Upshift Your Life and Unblock Your Energy with Denise Frakes, TLC, CHHS Thursday, September 15 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way Clutter is anything that blocks your spirit from its full potential. Removing clutter is more than just getting rid of your stuff. It is a spiritual practice in re-discovering your life’s passion. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical clutter all block our life force and energy. You can’t think your way out of clutter, you must take action (and the bonus is that the more fun you have in the process, the better the results). Denise Frakes is a certified Transformation Life Coach, Certified Healthy Home Specialist, EEFT practitioner, and clutter clearing consultant. One attendee will a complimentary coaching session!

* Mucus & Acidity- Nancy CoonesMucus & Acidity- Nancy Coones

Mucus, Acidity, and pH with Nancy Coones, Iridologist Saturday, September 17 3 pm, FREE Federal Way Are “mucus swamps” throwing off your pH balance? Mucus serves as a great indicator for toxicity, but when it sits in your body it creates acidic “swamps” of inflammation that are the perfect living conditions for disease, yeast, bacteria and infection. Drain the “swamp,” and you drain the toxic environment where these organisms thrive. Nancy will discuss effective ways to manage our mucus and rebalance our pH levels. She is available for individual appointments Sept. 17 - 20, from 10 am - 7 pm. Email her at

* Kombucha-Julie Martin Kombucha-Julie Martin

Do-It-Yourself Kombucha with Julie Martin Saturday, September 17 10 am - Noon, $40 (includes an Oly-Cultures DIY Kombucha Kit, a $26 value) Federal Way Healthy bacteria and probiotics are essential for optimal health, and kombucha, a traditional fermented tea drink, has an abundance of both! Join the founder of Oly- Cultures in learning to make this effervescent drink at home. After exploring which teas and sugars work best with kombucha, students will be shown how to create the first batch. As that brew develops and the second fermentation begins, Julie will discuss bottling, how to create that desired effervescence, offer tips for customizing kombucha with natural flavors, and share several tasty samples with students. Please pre-register.

* Mercury Mouth-Carla YamashiroMercury Mouth-Carla Yamashiro

Do You Have ‘Mercury Mouth’? with Carla Yamashiro, DDS, NMD, IBDM Tuesday, September 20 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma Mercury is more toxic than arsenic and lead, yet because it is relatively inexpensive, it is still widely used in the U.S. as a component for dental amalgam fillings, which often contain up to 50% mercury. Explore the harmful impact mercury has on our health and environment, why it has been banned in several countries, and what you can do to minimize your exposure to it. Dr. Carla Yamashiro practices holistic dentistry and integrative biologic dental medicine in Bonney Lake and is a board certified naturopathic physician

* Take Control of Habits-JessicaTake Control of Habits-Jessica

Taking Control of Your Habits with Jessica Scales Thursday, September 22 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way Our habits impact so many parts of our lives. Your ability to recognize your habits and your relationship with them influences not only your day to day life, but your ability to make the changes that you want in life. During this class you will gain awareness about your habits, have insight in how your current habits serve you, and take Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies quiz to learn your strengths and challenges in building new habits

* Worm Bin & Composting-LauraWorm Bin & Composting-Laura

Worm Bin & Backyard Composting with Laura Matter Saturday, September 24 10 am - Noon, FREE Federal Way A rind is a terrible thing to waste! Learn how to turn your food scraps into nutrition-rich compost with Laura Matter from Seattle Tilth. She will share how to set up and maintain a “red wiggler” worm composting bin, benefits of worm tea and castings, and resources to get you started. Get inspired to turn your lawn clippings, fall leaves and plant trimmings into compost too. One student will win their own home composting bin!

* Homeopathy 101-Sue BoyleHomeopathy 101-Sue Boyle

Homeopathy 101 with Sue Boyle RN, HMC, CCH Tuesday, September 27 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma Homeopathy is an energetic healing modality that uses elemental substances from animal, mineral and vegetal sources to create like-cures-like remedies suitable for people and animals. Learn the principles of homeopathy, how increased dilution maximizes potency, and how the Vital Force keeps our body, mind, and spirit in harmony when Sue, a homeopathic nurse, joins us for this fascinating talk with a special focus on children and ADD/ADHD.

* Not Your Mama’s Turmeric!Not Your Mama’s Turmeric!

Not Your Mama’s Turmeric! with Holly Lucille, ND, RN Thursday, September 29 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way With over 8,000 published papers, curcumin’s diverse therapeutic powers on pain, arthritis, and cancer are reaching superstar status. However, there are many other clinical applications for curcumin that may be surprising! Curcumin has shown scientifically-proven benefits for hepatitis and other liver diseases, diabetes, HPV, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. In this rare opportunity to hear her in person, nationally recognized and licensed naturopath Dr. Lucille discusses the use of curcumin in ways you may not have expected! See Dr. Lucille’s article on page 4. Sponsored by Europharma.

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