June 2017 Classes

Every week Marlene’s hosts naturopaths, nutritionists, chefs, authors, and other leaders in the natural healing community.

Hands Up for Health!

with John Kenny and Genuine Health | Saturday, June 3 11 am – 3 pm, FREE Tacoma

Teach your children the importance of good health and the rewards of being a conscious steward of our Earth! Accompany your child to Genuine Health’s informative and interactive event for yummy food samples, loads of coupons, and a decoration station to personalize their free reusable shopping bag! For every child who visits their booth, Genuine Health will plant a tree through the non-profit reforestation organization One Tree Planted.

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Hemp and Men’s Health

with Matthew Hidy, DC | Tuesday, June 6 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Do you want to achieve better health, prevent injuries, and maintain your current activities in comfort? Local chiropractor Dr. Hidy will discuss how to improve your body’s movement through active and passive therapies, with a special focus on men’s health. Also, learn how hemp products can support and enhance a healthy, active lifestyle. Prepare your body for a pain-free and productive summer!

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Worm Bin Composting

with Carey Thornton of Tilth Alliance| Thursday, June 8 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

A rind is a terrible thing to waste! Learn how to turn your food scraps into nutrition-rich compost with Carey Thornton from Tilth Alliance. She will share how to set up and maintain a “red wiggler” worm composting bin, benefits of worm tea and castings, and resources to get you started. Get inspired to turn your lawn clippings, fall leaves and plant trimmings into compost too. Gardening goodies raffle at end of class! Sponsored by City of Federal Way.

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Make Mead and Wine from Home

with Hal Meng |Saturday, June 10 10 am – noon, $20 Tacoma

Wine about it at home! Join Hal Meng, avid and experienced fermenter, as he shares his knowledge on creating delicious fruit and honey wines from the comfort of your own kitchen. Learn which fruits are best to use, fermentation methods, and flavoring options. Create the perfect spirit that speaks to your soul! Please pre-register.

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Reflexology for Men’s Health

with Linda Frank, RF, NBCR | Tuesday, June 13 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Reflexology is not only known for its ability to support relaxation, improve overall mood, and relieve unwelcome tension – it can be used to address sex specific health and wellness. Join board certified reflexologist Linda Frank for a discussion on how reflexology can boost circulation, improve physical and hormonal balance, and support healthy libido in men and women!

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Botanical Herbs for Mental Health

with Herb Joiner-Bey, ND | Wednesday, June 14 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Over 25% of adult Americans suffer from some type of diagnosable mental disorder. Though pharmaceutical prescriptions may temporarily relieve symptoms, they may also cause very undesirable side effects. Join naturopathic doctor Herb Joiner-Bey and learn how using botanical blends and extracts can alleviate the symptoms that correspond with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more.

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Cupid’s Landing Presents: Avoid Killer Diseases with a Plant-Based Diet

with Paula Furner and Anthony Creighton | Thursday, June 15 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Learn how a plant based diet can help avert or prevent five of America’s top killer diseases: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and influenza. Additionally, learn how a plant based diet can prevent the disease perpetuated by factory farms. This class will be presented by author and educator, Paula Furner, as well as local vegan fitness coach, Anthony Creighton.

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Natural Remedies to Restore Men’s Health

with Pushpa Larsen, ND, Meridian Labs | Saturday, June 17 10 am – noon, FREE Federal Way

Join Dr. Pushpa Larsen from Meridian Valley Laboratory for a talk about men’s health. She will discuss nutrients and natural remedies that can help with conditions such as: loss of libido, sleep problems, hair loss, prostate issues, and a loss of pleasure in life! Learn about lab tests that can help shine a light on the underlying causes of some of these conditions and bring your questions!

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with Meghan Hintz, LMP | Tuesday, June 20 6 pm, $20 Tacoma

Learn to make traditional fermented pickles from your garden harvest! These delicious pickles are easy to make and packed with probiotics that improve digestion and boost immune function. This class includes the basics of fermentation science and safety, a demonstration, and pickle tasting. You’ll leave with instructions and recipes for making these delicious pickles on your own. Please note, this is not a canning class. Please pre-register.

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For the Love of Bees

with Matt and Madelyn Morris, founders of Mickelberry Gardens | Thursday, June 22 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Mickelberry Gardens was founded with a love for herbal medicine and traditional beekeeping. Join Matt and Madelyn as they share their knowledge of the intricate relationship between pollinator health, herbal healing, and sustainable living. Experience their herbal remedies made with raw honey, propolis, beeswax, bee pollen, and medicinal plants.

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Begin Your Reiki Journey

with Windy Stabile, Master Reiki Practitioner |Saturday, June 24 10 am – 6 pm with intermission, $100 – special price! Tacoma

Take the first step to mastering the stress reduction and relaxation technique, Reiki. Discover how the “laying on of hands” can be used to channel universal energy and remove blockages. Learn to use hand positions on yourself and others. Receive a Reiki attunement to open and establish yourself as a channel for healing. There are no prerequisites. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Level One Certification. Please pre-register.

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DIY Mozzarella and Ricotta

with Julie Martin, founder of OlyCultures | Tuesday, June 27 6 pm, $30 Tacoma

Julie Martin, of OlyCultures, demonstrates from start to finish, how to prepare delicious mozzarella andricotta. Learn about the nuanced creation process, proper storage, and a variety of ways to prepare and serve your homemade cheeses. Guests will be invited to try fresh samples and take home recipes to continue exploring homemade cheeses! Please pre-register.

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Summertime at the Grill

with Mitra Mohandessi | Thursday, June 29 5:30 pm, $30 Tacoma – Please note time and location.

Mediterranean cuisine enthusiast Mitra Mohandessi shares her insights into the age-old practice of cooking with fire! Learn a variety of techniques for marinating, tenderizing, and seasoning your grillables. Guests will enjoy preparing their own Chicken Souvlaki; a fragrant herb-marinated dish served with pita, fresh vegetables, and Tzatziki sauce. Also, enjoy a summer dessert of mint-infused watermelon with rosewater syrup! Please pre-register.

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  • At least 48 hours advance registration is required for all fee-based classes.
  • You may pre-register in person, by calling Tacoma (253.472.4080) or Federal Way (253.839.0933), or online here.
  • Refunds will be issued with at least 48 hours advance notice. With less than 24 hours notice, no refunds will be issued.
  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for all events. We cannot reserve seats for free classes.
  • Please refrain from wearing any fragrance, natural or artificial, to classes.
  • If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register for cooking classes.
  • Questions? Call us at either store, or email us at classhost@marlenesmarket-deli.com. Thank you!

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