March 2017 Classes

Every week Marlene’s hosts naturopaths, nutritionists, chefs, authors, and other leaders in the natural healing community.

Wild Fermented Sauerkraut

with Meghan Hintz, CF, LMP | Tuesday, March 7 6 pm, $20 Tacoma

Learn to safely and easily make your own raw fermented sauerkraut teeming with probiotics known to improve digestion, boost immune function, and increase energy levels. This popular class includes a demonstration, recipes, and OlyKraut samples! Meghan will review the history and science of fermentation, discuss equipment options and suitable ingredients, and demonstrate how to make raw fermented sauerkraut from start to finish! Please preregister.

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Sleepless in Seattle?

with Mag Secretario, Certified Health Coach | Thursday, March 9 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Do you know how to sleep? What, why, and how we eat makes an impact on our days and our nights. Join Mag, founder of goodlife*sleep to empower your slumber with the “Three Key Ingredients”, tips, strategies, and information to enhance this undervalued aspect of our health. Get curious about how healthy and happy you can be!!

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Fermented Spring Greens

with Stephanie Johnson, Nutritionist and Rebecca Wolfe, Personal Chef | Saturday, March 11 10 am – Noon, $20 Tacoma

Through fermentation, ordinary vegetables can become superfoods! Unlock nutrients, improve digestibility, and create exciting flavors! Learn to make your own ferments at home, try a variety of fermented greens, and take home recipes to get you started. Featuring Spicy Pickled Mustard Greens, Fermented Brussels Sprouts, Kimchi, Basic Kraut, and Wild Pickled Greens! Please preregister.

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Immunity Through Lymphatic Cleansing

with Nicole Wirth, LMP | Tuesday, March 14 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

The lymphatic system has many responsibilities. It fights off viruses, delivers nutrition to cells, and transports hormones – just to name few. Not even life-giving oxygen can make it into cells without a clean lymphatic system. Discover what you can do to cleanse and restore balance to the lymphatic system. Two audience members will be chosen for live demonstrations with a revolutionary lymphatic machine.

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Be a Lean Mean Green Eating Machine!

with Steve Fry, CHFS and Sherry Fry, CHFS, NTP | Thursday, March 16 6 pm – 8 pm, $10 Federal Way

Learn how to use foods to heal your gut. Did you know there are special immune cells on the lining of your gut? These critical cells respond to the foods you eat, especially dark leafy greens. Join Common Sense Nutritional Therapy founders, Steve and Sherry to learn how to make your medicine (greens) delicious! Class includes samples and tips to turn you into a “Lean Green Eating Machine!”

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-CANCELLED-DIY Water and Milk Kefir

with Julie Martin, Oly-Cultures | Saturday March 18 10 am – Noon, $25 Federal Way

Discover how easy it is to make your own probiotic-rich beverages at home. Containing high amounts of good bacteria and yeast that exist in a symbiotic relationship, water and milk kefir beverages are easy to customize with your favorite flavors. Julie will demonstrate how to use her DIY kits to culture your own creations! Please pre-register.

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-CANCELLED-Ayurvedic Spring Detox

with Chiara Kae, PhD, RDN | Saturday, March 18 1 pm, $20 Federal Way

Detoxify and rejuvenate with kicharee; a one-pot, vegetarian dish from Ayurvedic medicine. Deeply nourishing due to its wide spectrum of macro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, kicharee contains spices that support the secretion of digestive juices and allow the liver to efficiently detoxify. Participants will learn how to prepare kicharee, take home a recipe, and learn lifestyle practices that facilitate detoxification..

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Environmental Toxins in Puget Sound

with Andy Gregory, Pollution Prevention Director for the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance | Tuesday, March 21 6:30 pm FREE Tacoma

Since time immemorial, the Coast Salish peoples have lived off the bounty of the Salish Sea. Fish and shellfish harvests are now threatened by toxic pollution. The Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is leading the fight to protect and preserve Puget Sound. Pollution Prevention Director, Andy Gregory will share how his organization is using science, policy, and legal enforcement to stop pollution and what you can do to help!

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Environmental Stewardship in Federal Way

with Mariska Kecskes, Project Manager for EarthCorps | Thursday, March 23 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Healthy and thriving forests are vital to our community. They naturally filter rain water, absorb toxins, produce clean oxygen, provide living spaces for wildlife, and create a place for people to connect with the outdoors. EarthCorps has been working with community members for the past 5 years to ensure that Federal Way forested parks continue to thrive and provide for its citizens. Join Mariska to learn about the current threats to Federal Way’s urban forests, the power of community-based restoration, and the ways you can get involved to help steward your neighborhood greenspaces.

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–CANCELLED–Delectable Foods of Persia – Gluten Free with Dairy

with Mitra Mohandessi | Saturday, March 25 10 am – Noon, $30 Tacoma

Delight your senses with the beautiful cuisine of Persia. Join cooking enthusiast Mitra, as she prepares two extraordinary dishes: borani esfenaj, a dish of sautéed spinach and yogurt with mild spices and wholesome adas polo, a fragrant basmati rice dish with lentils, raisins, saffron, and caramelized onions. Take home a recipe for refreshing Eshkeneh, an easy to make soup of fragrant herbs and eggs. Please pre-register..

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Candida and Fungal Overgrowth

with Noah Lebowitz, DC | Tuesday, March 28 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Can’t pinpoint why you are gaining weight, feel foggy, fatigued, depressed, or anxious? These and other symptoms may be the result of the toxic byproducts of candida and fungal overgrowth. Dr. Lebowitz will discuss how to identify and prevent overgrowth situations, as well as natural protocols to overcome them. Leave prepared to handle candida and fungal overgrowth in a natural, fast, and effective manner.

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Three Ways To Make Friends With House Cleaning

with Denise Frakes | Thursday, March 30 6:30pm, FREE Federal Way

Do you love to clean? Or is cleaning a pesky chore on your to-do list? Denise offers knowledge from 26+ years of experience to help you transform your relationship with cleaning. Learn how to create a powerful, rhythmic system to create more breathing room, remove stress from your life, and save energy. Discover what residue free, green cleaning can do for your peace of mind.

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  • At least 48 hours advance registration is required for all fee-based classes.
  • You may pre-register in person, by calling Tacoma (253.472.4080) or Federal Way (253.839.0933), or online here.
  • Refunds will be issued with at least 48 hours advance notice. With less than 24 hours notice, no refunds will be issued.
  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for all events. We cannot reserve seats for free classes.
  • Please refrain from wearing any fragrance, natural or artificial, to classes.
  • If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register for cooking classes.
  • Questions? Call us at either store, or email us at Thank you!

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