May 2017 Classes

Every week Marlene’s hosts naturopaths, nutritionists, chefs, authors, and other leaders in the natural healing community.

Nature’s Detox, Part 1: Fasting—An Ancient and Powerful Medicine

with Andrew Iverson, ND, Tacoma Health | Tuesday, May 2 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Dr. Iverson regards fasting as the most powerful healing modality available to the human body. Learn about this ancient technique and how it can benefit numerous conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, arthritis, headaches, depression and chronic fatigue. (Be sure to attend Nature’s Detox, Part 2 on May 3 for the full educational experience.)

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Nature’s Detox, Part 2: Complete Herbal Cleansing System

with Andrew Iverson, ND, Tacoma Health | Wednesday, May 3 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals. Join Dr. Iverson as he discusses which plants can neutralize these harmful chemicals on contact, and which can maximize the function of our detoxification organs. Also, examine scientifically proven botanical medicines that can detoxify harmful chemicals and protect the body from premature aging and disease.

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Nourishing Moms with Essential Oils

with Elizabeth Bloom, DHM | Tuesday, May 9 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Celebrate a mother’s unconditional love by treating her (and yourself) to powerful essential oil experience that helps balance anxiety, fatigue, grief, and more. Join Elizabeth and learn how to alleviate stress and replenish wellness with the physical and emotional benefits of therapeutically blended essential oils.

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Stress and Anxiety Busters

with Ana Maria Sierra, PhD | Wednesday, May 10 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Do you feel like you're on high alert most of the time? Do you avoid certain activities or social events due to stress, anxiety, or exhaustion? Dr. Ana, a stress and anxiety specialist and therapeutic yoga educator, will teach you some simple and transformative evidenced-based practices and lifestyle adjustments that you can do immediately to calm and turn down the volume on your life.

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Holistic Moms – Connecting Parents in the South Sound

with Crystal Kanarr | Thursday, May 11 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Join Crystal, a Holistic Moms Network representative and experience what makes their organization so special! Learn about the Tacoma chapter of the national, non-profit organization aimed at connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living. Get acquainted with some Holistic Moms community members (and dads too!) and find out how easy it is to connect with like-minded parents.

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Vegan Breakfast

with Nina Osberg | Saturday, May 13 10 am – Noon, $20 Tacoma

Start your morning off right with simple and scrumptious vegan meals. Watch and learn while Nina prepares plant-based dishes for more energy, better health, and a smaller carbon foot-print. Samples and recipes included!

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Emotional Freedom Technique

with Gwen Orwiler, founder of Your Strongest Self | Tuesday, May 16 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology that provides significant relief from stress and anxiety, pain, negative self-talk, fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs. Join Gwen, an Emotional Freedom Coach, as she shares this powerful, well-researched, and easy to learn and use technique.

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Reflexology for Women’s Health

with Linda Frank, RF, NBCR | Thursday, May 18 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Reflexology has been shown to help with symptoms of several common women’s health conditions, such as menopause, PMS, lymphedema, fertility and even labor-induction! Though Linda will be addressing men’s health in June, men are still encouraged to join in! Learn how reflexology has helped reduce pain and symptoms from ailments of all genders.

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Conquer Fatigue: Hormonal Balance in Times of Change

with Tori Hudson, ND | Saturday, May 20 10 am – Noon, FREE Federal Way

During phases of hormonal changes in a woman’s life, adrenal fatigue can become a chronic and persistent condition. Join Dr. Tori Hudson, naturopathic physician and Director of Research at Vitanica, as she shares herbal and botanical options for alleviating common premenstrual and menopausal symptoms that are a burden on your adrenal system. Conquer your fatigue today!

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Facial Rejuvenation

with Oksana Mulyukova, ND, EAMP | Tuesday, May 23 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Reclaim your youthful appearance! Join Dr. Mulyukova to learn how to naturally boost collagen, diminish the appearance of lines, and refine pores. By utilizing dietary modifications, supplements, and acupuncture many people experience improvements in their ability to deal with stress, increased energy, and over-all wellness.

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Women: Managing Many Hats

with Jessica Scales, LMFT | Tuesday, May 25 6:30 pm, FREE Federal Way

Women wear many hats: wife, partner, mother, sister, daughter, friend, employee, and self. With all of these demands on us, we often feel like we are not doing enough, or even failing. Join Jessica in a discussion on how to balance and integrate these many roles and remember to take care of yourself!

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Delicious, Healthful Goat Milk

with Marcia St. John | Saturday, May 27 10 am – Noon, FREE Federal Way

Curious about the health benefits of raw goat milk? St. John Creamery founder, Marcia, will discuss the differences and strengths of goat and cow milks. Discover how goat milk can help with nursing babies, balancing pH, and easing stomach issues. Learn how easy it is to turn this incredible, versatile alternative to cow milk into raw kefir or even a simple chevre!

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Identify and Balance Thyroid Issues

with Noah Lebowitz, DC | Tuesday, May 30 6:30 pm, FREE Tacoma

Low thyroid hormone can produce many symptoms: chronic tiredness, weight gain, hair loss, and constipation. Join Dr. Lebowitz as he discusses the main causes of thyroid disorders, how to get to the root issue, and naturally restore balance to thyroid.

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  • Refunds will be issued with at least 48 hours advance notice. With less than 24 hours notice, no refunds will be issued.
  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for all events. We cannot reserve seats for free classes.
  • Please refrain from wearing any fragrance, natural or artificial, to classes.
  • If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register for cooking classes.
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