Customers love Marlene’s deli, where all dishes are made from scratch on-site and are guaranteed free of nitrites, preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredients.

Choose from traditional deli fare, specialty dishes for raw, vegan, and vegetarian eaters, or wheat, dairy or gluten-free selections for those with food sensitivities. All our beans and grains are organic and we use as much organic produce as possible. Our packaging materials are either recyclable or compostable.

Don’t see what you want on our menu? Ask about customizing items to suit your needs!

Hot Soups

Our delis feature three or four soups every day, including one daily vegan option and a delicious vegetable soup that’s always on the menu. Other popular soups include minestrone, chicken noodle, cashew chili, clam chowder, tomato garlic, butternut squash with wild rice, and many others. Call ahead for today’s soup offerings:
(253) 472-4080 (Tacoma) or (253) 839-0933 (Federal Way).



Choose from our standard sandwich menu or create your own! In addition to all your favorite condiments and spreads, we proudly carry all-natural meats that come from vegetarian, grain-fed animals and have no artificial ingredients, antibiotics, hormones, or added nitrates and nitrites.  Smoked turkey, ham, roasted turkey, and top round oven roasted beef are some of our meat selections for sandwiches. If you want to order in advance, download our order form here and call ahead!


Salad Bar

Our delis feature state-of-the-art salad bars with incredible variety and many organic choices. Make your own garden or spinach salad, or create your own masterpiece! Start with a protein like seasoned tofu, cubes of roasted turkey, tender beans and legumes, or hard-boiled eggs. Add leafy greens like spinach, romaine, or mixed baby greens and top with onions, olives, artichokes, beets, mushrooms, edamame, tomatoes, peppers, cheese… the list goes on and changes frequently! Top your salad with any one of our made-from-scratch dressings and home-made croutons, nuts, and seeds.

Our salad bar also stocks fresh ready-to-eat Greek Pasta Salad, Pea and Cheese Salad, and Classic Potato Salad.


EntréesBBQ Chicken

You’ll find plenty of traditionally hearty fare at Marlene’s (made with healthier ingredients, of course), like tuna noodle casserole, chicken enchiladas, grilled salmon, meatloaf, and assorted pasta dishes, as well as popular new recipes like lentil patties with cilantro sauce, quinoa salad with pecans, vegetarian Field Roast patties, and burritos–all ready to be heated at your request or taken to go.


Side Dishes

The hardest part is deciding what to choose! With selections like Grilled Vegetables, Polenta Wedges, Braised Beets with Onions, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and Broccoli Cranberry Tempeh Salad, you’ll always find something delicious to round off your meal at Marlene’s.




Whether it’s organic coffee, freshly made vegetable or fruit juice, exotic herbal tea, a power smoothie, or a shot of wheatgrass, our juice bar will prepare your own delicious, custom-made beverage. All our juices are made with organic ingredients – try a carrot-beet mix or maybe a broccoli-apple-ginger juice with a shot of wheatgrass as a chaser!



Want something on the frosty side? Build a smoothie with frozen fruit, bananas, and juice. We don’t use ice or fillers in our smoothies, just pure goodness. For an extra kick, ask for protein powder, spirulina, flax oil, or other nutrition boosts to be added to your juice.





We prepare our baked goods daily using the best ingredients available, including organic grains and flours and unrefined sweeteners. Customer favorites range from vegan chocolate cake and black bottom cupcakes to lemon sour cream pie and zucchini bread. Be it cookies, cakes, pies, sweet breads, or puddings, Marlene’s deli makes it!

A Note about Special Diets

Marlene’s deli is committed to providing a delicious variety of vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and raw dishes. We can even bake gluten-free bread to order. With specialty food options in every area of the deli, even the most selective eater will find plenty to satisfy at Marlene’s!

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