For business meetings, for special events, for holidays, or any time you want made-to-order food that’s healthy and delicious, let Marlene’s do the catering! Contact a deli manager for assistance and allow 48-72 hours notice for all orders. In Federal Way call (253) 839-0933 and in Tacoma call (253) 472-4080.

Please visit these web pages for a full catering menu for each category.

Catering HomeBakery
Cookies, cakes and pies your guests will love…

Boxed Lunches
Sandwiches, salads and wraps for every appetite…

From baked goods to burritos and from coffee to quiche…

Customized pizzas, casseroles, lasagne and more…

7 popular choices for your next get-together…

Download a sandwich form and fax us your order!

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