Seasonal Fruit Platter
(Subject to seasonal availability)

Our fruit platter contains the best of seasonal fruits and berries.

Small (serves 6-8) – $29.99

Large (serves 12-16) – $54.99


This platter is prepared with fresh, organic vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, celery, cucumber, and tomatoes.  Served with our homemade ranch dip.

Small (serves 6-8) – $29.99

Large (serves 12-16) – $54.99

Meat and Cheese

All natural roast beef, ham, and turkey are sliced fresh for you to create your own sandwich. A variety of cheeses included.

Small (serves 6-8) – $45.99

Large (serves 12-16) – $79.99

Cheese and Crackers

Assorted cheese selection includes White Cheddar, Swiss, Brie, and Smoked Provolone. Served with assorted crackers.

Small (serves 6-8) – $45.99

Large (serves 12-16) – $79.99

Cheese and Fruit

Freshly diced fruits and berries served with bite-sized morsels of savory cheeses.

Small (serves 6-8) – $39.99

Large (serves 12-16) – $75.99

Sandwich Platter

A deli favorite–sandwiches cut into halves, so everyone can try our popular turkey, ham, roast beef, and chicken salad sandwiches.

Small (serves 6-8) – $55.99

Large (serves 12-14) – $99.99

Pinwheel Platter

Assortment of tortillas filled with premium, all-natural meats and cheeses, rolled and sliced.

Small (serves 6-8) – $35.99

Large (serves 12-16) – $65.99

Contact a deli manager for assistance and allow 48-72 hours notice for all orders.

In Federal Way call (253) 839-0933 and in Tacoma call (253) 472-4080.


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