Marlene’s edible food forest!

Every day Marlene’s Produce Department lovingly arranges a lush bounty of glistening vegetables and bright fruits for the lucky food forager. Delicately washed and handled, our 100% organic produce is never waxed or bubble wrapped, reviving the traditional farmer-to-market exchange where one senses the connection from earth to table.

In our more than 40 years in business, Marlene’s has never carried non-organic produce. You can rest assured that every single fresh vegetable or fruit you purchase at Marlene’s is 100% organically grown. As much as possible, we source our produce from very local growers like Tahoma Farms and Little Earth Farm.

The produce we source from more distant locales comes from growers who are equally committed to sound organic farming methods. While produce from Mexico is less sustainable in terms of the miles the food must travel, it supports the growth of organic agricultural practices in other countries, which in the long run benefits all of us who share the planet.

A wonderful example is G.R.O.W. bananas. Giving Resources & Opportunities to Workers is a non-profit organization that earmarks a percentage of its profits to resources that improve the quality of life for less privileged children and families.

By shopping at Marlene’s you are an advocate for tremendous change.  There is clearly something special about what you’ll find in the Produce Department at Marlene’s – the most beautifully fresh produce available.  But don’t take our word for it – see, touch, smell and taste from the edible food forest at Marlene’s – many delights await the lucky grazer.

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