A note from Marlene: July

Welcome to mid-summer, friends!

We all like to spend as much time as possible outdoors in July, so we’re spreading the word about the wonderful skincare products and natural sunblocks featured this month. Much research is coming out these days about how important diet is for prevention of skin cancer. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s not just what you put on yourself, but what you put in yourself that can make all the difference. Don’t miss our very interesting article on this subject.

For those of us who love ice cream (I think that’s everyone!), we have some fun ideas to share. There’s a traditional custard-style strawberry ice cream recipe made by Mary, our Food Service Director. For vegan and dairy sensitive folks, try the avocado shake. It’s quick, easy and so very delicious.

Enjoy these long, sweet days. Be kind to yourself and one another. Oh! And stop by and grab a smoothie on your way to whatever grand Northwest adventure you have planned.

We’ll be here for you!