A Note from Marlene

Hi, everybody!

June is finally here. What a wonderful month. The green of spring is almost the green of summer, and flowers and vegetables are starting to grow profusely. Happy times in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We have all kinds of organic seeds and local plant starts. Check out our soil enhancers and fertilizers, too. Time’s a-wastin’ – get yourself in the garden!

Also, have you considered home sprouting? It’s so easy. And nothing is quite as nutritious and delicious as the boost you get from your own Mason jar sprouts. For those confined indoors or those who have no garden space, you can have crunchy sprouts in 3 days! Come in and talk to us about how to get started.

So, friends, enjoy the beginning of summer. Get outdoors, plant things, and get ready for a warm and wonderful season.
Best to you all –