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What’s in your dirt?

HendrikusComplex as it is, what soil needs to thrive is actually pretty simple. Known for their incredible landscapes, organic fertilizers, and the PBS series “Gardening with Ciscoe,” the masterminds at Hendrikus Organics will discuss the five universal soil problems, how to read soil, and the simple things you can do to amend it in order to create optimum health and vitality for your plants.

What’s in Your Dirt? Part One  Part One of Two (Part Two is optional)

with Hendrikus and Nirav

Thursday, April 23

6:30 pm, FREE

Federal Way



Although many are awakening to the connection between soil and human health, few understand how deep and complex that connection is. In fact, over 50% of deaths from chronic diseases can be traced back to the soil. Landscape consultant Nirav will share vital soil tips to help you create a thriving, healthy garden!

What’s Dirt Got to Do with It? Everything! Part Two of Two (Part One is optional)

with Nirav of Hendirkus Organics

Thursday, April 30

6:30 pm, FREE

Federal Way