Tulsi & You

Support your digestion, longevity and immunity with Tulsi, “the mother of all herbs”. Join speaker Amy Keller for one or both of her talks on July 7th and 9th.

amy_kellerImproving Digestive Health with Herbs

 with Amy Keller, CN

Tuesday, July 7

6:30 pm, FREE


tulsiJoin us for a discussion on how specific organic herbs vastly improve digestive health. A Certified Nutritionist, Amy will discuss enhancement and restoration of normal digestive processes and how to achieve balance between health, emotion, and consciousness with Tulsi, the most revered of all herbs in India. Participants will also learn how organic agriculture is ushering in a hopeful new world for the land and people of India. Sponsored by ORGANIC INDIA.

Longevity and Immunity: Tulsi Tea & Chyawanprash Tasting

with Amy Keller, CN

Thursday, July 9

6:30 pm, FREE

Federal Way

chayvanprashConsidered in India to be “the mother of all herbs” Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is an herb in the basil family that is traditionally consumed as tea. Join Certified Nutritionist Amy Keller and learn why recent research into Tulsi confirms what the ancients knew – that regular consumption of Tulsi supports respiratory and cardiovascular function, enhances digestion, mitigates stress, reduces inflammation, and more. Participants will taste and compare several Tulsi blends and as a special bonus will sample Chyawanprash, a nutritive jam that supports rejuvenation of body tissues and muscle mass, stronger heart and respiratory systems, provides tonifying to internal organs and helps regulate elimination. Sponsored by ORGANIC INDIA.