Building Community, Restoring the Earth

by Joe & Kasey, Produce Managers for Marlene’s Market & Deli

Family farms are an integral part of our commitment to bringing the Farmer’s Market to you, every day! Marlene’s is proud to be able to cultivate personal relationships with the local farmers who deliver their fresh, organic produce from their farm to your table. Whenever we get the chance, we love to put our boots on and make it to the farm.

We had the great privilege of spending the day with Amy and Agustin, wonderful family owners of Four Elements Farm, as well as their daughter Gabriela (their son Hector was away on a school field trip). Four Elements Farm is exactly the kind of small family farm that we love to support.

Amy and Agustin met while working together on a 200 acre organic farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. Today, they bring over 15 years of commercial farming experience to their Orting Valley project, Four Elements Farm. They protect and farm 120 acres of fertile South Puget Sound farmland and continue efforts to restore riparian habitat along 60,000 square feet of Ball Creek.

Four Elements Farm grows varieties of kale, rainbow chard, cilantro, radishes, kohlrabi, berries, and many other organic produce items. As a former Tahoma Farms field manager, Agustin is renowned among his peers for his agricultural skill.

“My husband Agustin and I, together with our 2 children, are working hard growing organic vegetables and berries for our community to enjoy. We are starting our second season on a generations-old piece of farmland that was slated for development. Several years ago, the farmland was saved from being paved over with a conservation easement. This means it will remain farmland forever. We are doing all we can to increase the fertility of our soil to support organic production. We are also taking measures to restore native tree species and be good stewards of our land. All of this results in delicious, fresh, local, organic food grown with integrity.” – Amy

Amy and Agustin share a love for farming (and each other)!

Amy explains how repleneshing the soil with cover crops and proper crop rotation contributes to world-class produce and a healthier environment. Organic farming is their passion. As part of staying true to their mission, they never use chemicals to fight pests or disease; even the weeds are pulled by hand or machine.

Amy and Agustin’s daughter Gabriela shows us the flowers that she grows and sells at the farmer’s markets.

Joe is pictured here with Agustin’s signature crop, cilantro!