Fruit Smoothie

January is a perfect time to examine your dietary habits to see if there is something you could do better. Too often people set themselves up for failure by trying to change too much too fast. If you decide in one day to cut both gluten and dairy from your diet, chances are you won’t last too long. Especially if you are used to starting your day with a latté and bagel!

Instead of looking for something to cut out, try looking for something that adds a nutritional boost to your everyday habits. I challenge you to start your mornings with a delicious smoothie with the additional benefit of leafy greens and flax oil. If you begin your day with a healthy smoothie perhaps you’ll be inspired to make better eating decisions throughout the day. As with most recipes, this one is merely a starting point. Feel free to change the fruits and juices or try other flavors of flax oil.

1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup apple or orange juice
3 lg. leaves kale, washed and stalk removed
1 T Barlean’s Omega Swirl flax oil, strawberry banana flavor

Combine all ingredients, blend, and enjoy any time of day!

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