Sea Vegetable Salad


This salad is a delicious way to begin a detoxifying cleanse, containing lots of sea vegetables and pungent flavors, with sweet yams that cut the bitter flavors. Sea vegetables are extremely high in trace minerals such as zinc, boron, tin, selenium, chromium, antimony and bismuth, elements which are lacking in most diets. Cilantro is well known for its cleansing properties, particularly for removing heavy metals from the body. The cilantro sauce is easy to prepare and can be made with or without the dandelion greens.

Cilantro Sauce

1 bunch cilantro
1/4 head dandelion greens (opt)
handful soaked almonds (soak for 6-12 hours)
1 tomato, chopped
2 large lemons (or more), juice of
1 small shallot
4 cloves garlic
pinch sea salt
1 Tbs olive oil

Place soaked almonds, olive oil, lemons, garlic, and shallot in food processor and pulse until almonds are finely broken down. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse to desired consistency. Add additional lemon if sauce is too bitter. Set aside in refrigerator.


1 head romaine lettuce chopped
1 cup sliced green beans
6 oz Sea Tangle® kelp noodles (1/2 package) chopped into 6” strands
3 oz Sea Tangle® mixed sea vegetables, cut fine
1 med yam cubed, boiled and chilled

Toss all ingredients in large bowl and pour desired amount of sauce over and fold gently to coat. Serve right away as the romaine lettuce will begin to wilt if stored for longer than an hour. Top with avocado and hemp seeds.

Recipe courtesy of Christie Qualey,


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