Sound Outlook


January 2015

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In this issue:

January Classes

January Classes

Thumb Jan 15 Sales

January Sales


Thumb Jan 15 Greens

The Power of Green Smoothies: a Testimonial

Thumb Jan 15 Detox

Ancient Tools for Annual Detoxification

Thumb Jan 15 Mango

This Is the Year. Now Is the Time

Thumb Jan 15 Old

Don’t Go Deaf, Blind, or Lose Your Mind!

Thumb Jan 15 Ceremony

Purification Ceremony Pairs Native Wisdom with Modern Cleansing Methods

Thumb Jan 15 Fragile

Health is Fragile–Handle with Food

Thumb Jan 15 Disease

Disease Elimination and Health Restoration Are Not the Same Thing!

Thumb Jan 15 Nourish

Spiritual and Physical Nourishment for the New Year

Thumb Jan 15 Supp Feature

Destination: Detox


Thumb Jan 15 Green Puree

Seasonal Greens Purée

Thumb Jan 15 Chowder

Quinoa Chowder

Thumb Jan 15 Yams

Zippy Yams and Collard Greens

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January 2015 Sound Outlook