Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, and Adsorption

by Linda Zurich

Various types of clays (particularly bentonite, which is the product of ancient volcanic activity) have a very long history of use by human beings the world over. These naturally occurring substances have some remarkable and extremely therapeutic healing and cleansing properties, and they’ve been used both internally and externally by people for thousands of years. Many wild animals have an instinctual awareness of the incredible health benefits of clay too, and a number of species are known to seek it out for consumption on a regular basis.

A little known fact is that activated charcoal is always on hand and is actually considered to be standard equipment in all hospital emergency rooms. Activated charcoal is known as “the universal antidote,” one of the most effective yet innocuous of all the natural remedies, purifiers and anti-toxins in existence.

Healing clays and activated charcoal share some unique qualities which render them among the safest, most powerful tools available to us for detoxification and healing.

First, most clays have extremely massive microscopic, honeycombed surface areas. The second trait they have in common is a property called adsorption. Unlike absorption, which is what sponges or dry paper towels do when they take on liquids, the adsorptive property of clay and activated charcoal is based on their negative electrostatic charge. This negative charge causes them to act like a magnet, drawing positively charged particles such as wastes, pathogens, poisons, heavy metals and other undesirable impurities into their huge surface areas, where these toxins are forced to cling and are held fast until eliminated.

Taking clay and activated charcoal internally and using them externally in the form of poultices are some of the least known, yet most efficacious holistic methods for cleansing and detoxifying our bodies, and empowering our inherent healing intelligence.

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