Camu Camu: Amazonian Miracle Fruit

by Sally Byrd, ND, LMBT

Poor diets, illness, smoking, alcohol, medications, aging, stress, environmental pollution, contaminated water… all deplete our bodies of essential nutrients.

Our brains require at least 100 times more vitamin C than any other organ. It is dispersed in the fluid that surrounds the neurons and enters the brain tissueeasily since its chemical structure resembles glucose. When we do not regularly ingest Vitamin C, the lack is literally a “brain drain”. Deficiencies in this vital nutrient can then lead to neurological problems and early onset dementia. Adequate amounts of Vitamin C are required, too, for a strong immune system, high energy levels, healthy skin, high-functioning organs (especially the heart), optimum eyesight, weight maintenance, and aging well.

Since humans cannot naturally manufacture vitamin C in our bodies (like most mammals), we must get it from our diets and supplementation. Camu (Myrciaria Dubai) is a low growing shrub that thrives in wetlands and rivers. Its large round red berries, which have a very sour nutmeg spicy taste, is harvested during the flood season by indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest in dugout canoes. As the fruit matures, ripe berries drop into the flooded waters of the Amazon to be eaten by the fish and the fishermen. The camu berry contains more Vitamin C than any other fruit.

Wildcrafted berries are radically different in nutritional content when compared to cultivated berries. Instead of harvesting commercial berries in the depleted soil of the United States, the berries in CamuPure are flash frozen and shipped to the U.S. for maximum Vitamin C protection. Vitamin C is extremely volatile to oxygen and as much as 50% can be lost due to inefficient breathing or chemical processing. Sustainable wildcrafting and ethical fair trade standards are in place to protect this valuable berry nutrient.

CamuPure is a wildcrafted Vitamin C supplement harvested from the remote northwestern area of Brazil. Early testing of this berry has revealed hundreds of phytonutrient properties, with promising research extending into the fields of auto-immune disease, antibacterial infections, allergies, depression and ACE inhibitors. The future for the Camu Berry and CamuPure is just beginning! Make CamuPure part of your new aging well regime.

Sally Byrd, ND, LMBT is a registered traditional naturopath and author. She is a Master Teacher for the Institute for Human Individuality with Dr. Peter D’Adamo, national trainer and educator for Orange Peel Enterprises, the makers of Greens+. With over 30 years of professional experience, Sally has amassed a wealth of common sense nutritional and food science knowledge. Sally is also a partner with Progressive Health Strategies, a wellness center located in North Carolina. Learn more at

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