The Umcka® Story

In 1897, Englishman Charles Stevens went to South Africa hoping to cure himself of a respiratory illness.  While there, an African tribal healer gave him a remedy made from Pelargonium sidoides roots (a plant native to the coastal regions of South Africa).  Fully recovered, Stevens brought the remedy back to England where it became popular as Stevens’ Consumption Cure.

In 1920, Dr. Adrien Sechehaye learned of Stevens’ cure. Over the next nine years he treated more than 800 patients in Switzerland with a homeopathic preparation of P. sidoides roots (EPs 7630).  But with the advent of synthetic drugs, the remedy was forgotten by Western medicine until its recent rediscovery by European researchers.

This is where the modern story of Umcka begins.  The formula is a clinically proven preparation of EPs 7630, and the name is derived from the African word “umKhulkane” (meaning respiratory infection).  Now a leading medicine in Europe, Nature’s Way brings the effectiveness of Umcka to America.  Much of our supply of EPs 7630 is grown on our own farms in South Africa.  From the time of planting to harvesting, it takes 3-5 years for the roots to be ready for medicinal extraction.

How Umcka® Works
Unlike other cough, cold and sinus remedies that simply mask symptoms, Umcka ColdCare is a breakthrough natural medicine that actually helps you recover faster.

A New Kind of Medicine
Umcka ColdCare is a 1X tincture of Pelargonium sidoides (EPs 7630), a medicinal plant unique to South Africa.  In clinical studies, EPs 7630 not only relieves symptoms associated with common colds, but also shortens the duration and reduces severity of throat, sinus and bronchial irritations.  It also helps loosen mucus, making coughs more productive and naturally relieves congestion, cough, headache, hoarseness and minor aches.
Studies suggest that the active ingredients in Umcka works on the immune system to help support the body’s own natural antiviral defense mechanisms and acts as an antimicrobial agent.  Additionally, it provides mucolytic actions.


The Results

Shortened Duration
Adults with acute bronchial symptoms were able to return to work nearly two days earlier with EPs 7630.

Reduced Severity of Symptoms
EPs 7630 reduces severity of cough, congestion, headache, sore throat, and other common symptoms.

High Satisfaction
In an evaluation study, over 90% of patients and doctors rated EPs 7630 as an effective treatment for colds and upper respiratory irritations.




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