March Supps Feature


Jan 15 VHJanuary is a classic time of year to get on board with a detoxification strategy to keep your metabolism revved up and your system clean and fresh. Here are some of the options available at Marlene’s to get you started. Not sure where to begin? Ask a trained staff member for guidance.

Jan 15 M GnGreen foods are a great way to burn through toxic buildup and powdered drink mixes make it easy to get a super dose. Typically composed of green grasses, sea vegetables and various marine algaes, green food powders supply much needed minerals and nutrients to your system and balance pH levels. Some of our favorites are Organic Marlene’s Greens and Vibrant Health’s Maximum Vibrance.

We all try to avoid eating contaminated foods, but anything that is left in the digestive tract too long can become toxic. To keep things tidy, fiber is one tool your colon uses to (literally) scrub itself and sweep itself out. In order to maintain a proper balance, we need both soluble fiber, to round up and collect the contents of the colon, and insoluble fiber to move it along. We recommend Renew Life’s Triple Fiber.

Jan 15 HFJan 15 UHBentonite Clay and Zeolites are both used to bind tiny toxic nuisances such as heavy metals and positive ions to escort them out of the body. Both can be used internally or topically as a face mask or in a body wash. HealthForce Nutritionals offers Intestinal Drawing Formula, a detoxifying blend of herbs with Zeolite powder. Also look for Uncle Harry’s Powerful Detox Bath.

Herbal Single Ingredients Grab an extract or brew some tea with these time-honored healing herbs!

Jan 15 HerbMilk Thistle protects the liver and can assist in the growth of new liver cells.

Dandelion is a potassium-rich diuretic used to strengthen digestion.

Cilantro extracts and prevents the absorption of heavy metals in bodily tissues.

Countless herbs can assist the body’s cleansing processes. Look for licorice, ginger and burdock, just to name a few.

Supporting your body’s natural detoxification pathways is the ideal way to detoxify but sometimes we need a little boost. These kits are formulated to create a deep and thorough cleansing effect. They come with detailed instructions that will guide you through your cleansing program.

Jan 15 GoLThe Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program from Garden of Life is designed to enhance all aspects of metabolism through a 12-day protocol using four different supplements. You don’t have to worry about going hungry or fasting–this cleanse allows you to eat a comfortable amount of food as long as you follow specific dietary guidelines to optimize detoxification.

Jan 15 RLRenew Life’s Total Body RAPID Cleanse™ is a 7-day, three-part cleanse intended for deep acting cleansing and a metabolic boost. The first step is to power up the liver with herbal and enzyme support so that it can efficiently process toxins stored in your system. The second step is to supply the colon with the tools to clean itself. Acacia fiber, a completely soluble, taste- and textureless fiber, makes it easy to get enough. Mineral and herbal components help hydrate your system and promote healthy elimination of waste.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause some serious health issues including:
• increased risk of hypertension
• developmental and reproductive issues
• multi-organ dysfunction syndrome
• reduction in kidney function