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As a 48-year-young woman on the quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to me that I eat all my veggies. There’s only one problem: I hate having to EAT my veggies; I’d prefer to DRINK them. Being able to mask the taste of dark, leafy greens in my morning protein shakes is essential to my being able to actually get them down! This issue could have something to do with the fact I’m a rebel and do not like the concept of “having” to do anything. Eating the right amount of veggies is no different.

I’ve tried many green powders–“unflavored,” raw, organic, tall, short, lean, rich, flavored with stevia, sweetened with natural vanilla, etc. I’ve tried drinking the shakes while holding my nose, running cold water, patting the top of my head, standing barefoot in the grass… you name it, I’ve tried it.

It wasn’t until I facilitated a “Youth Building Tacoma” workshop that I found the perfect green powder for me. I was eating “clean” at the time and needed to pick up some healthy groceries for the duration of my stay. My good friend, Terree, suggested we go to Marlene’s, where I picked up my first container of Marlene’s Greens.

Green DrinkMarlene’s Greens has proven to be the best greens powder I’ve ever tried at a very reasonable price. The concept that paying a higher price will result in a better product is untrue; I’ve proven this fact time and time again. I am able to get all of the “green vitamins and nutrients” without the overwhelming “green taste.” For other powders, I had to add so many additional items to mask the flavor; I ended up increasing the calorie, fat, and sometimes sugar content…that completely defeated the purpose.

While I’d love to be able to just drop by Marlene’s, it is truly worth calling in my order and paying to ship my “Favorite Green Powder” to me in Oak Park, IL. I’d rather pay for shipping to receive my favorite, Marlene’s Greens, than continue to spend money locally trying to find a comparable substitute. As a “green goddess” I must do what I have to do to get them down!

In addition, using Marlene’s Greens keeps me from having to run to the store to buy fresh greens then run the race to use the bunch before it withers. Who knows, maybe the next time Terree comes to visit, she will bring me several containers as a “just because gift.” I’ll let you know how that goes!!! Do yourself a favor…pick up your supply of Marlene’s Greens today!

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My Marlene’s Greens Success Story
by Anita Charlot

Anita M. Charlot is an author, speaker, Founder, and Head Relationship Expert of the Relationship Architect Academy, the first online school of its kind dedicated to the Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman (SAFI). Contact Anita at, follow her on Facebook at safisuccess, or on her blog