Aug 15 Supps Feature

Building a Better Brain

Carlson Heart FitCarlson’s Heart Fit is a unique cardiovascular formula that includes a blend of important heart nutrients and ingredients for optimal absorption, including heart healthy CoQ10, tocotrienols, vitamin C, and pterostilbene. Gluten, preservative, and sugar-free.*

Heart SmartSuper Nutrition’s SimplyOne Heart Smart is formulated to synergistically support heart-health and bone strength. Vitamins A, D3, and K2 (MK-7, the most advanced form of Vitamin K) work along with naturally sweet D-Ribose to support arterial flexibility and elasticity, healthy blood pressure levels.*

Barleans HeartBarlean’s Heart Remedy is the result of years of scientific research to develop a purified, pharmaceutical grade Palmitoleic Acid Omega-7, designed to break-up and flush out the “bad cholesterol” while supporting your “good” cholesterol.*

CL CoQ10Country Life’s Vegan CoQ10 delivers the largest dose (200 mg) of high quality Kaneka CoQ10 that Country Life has to offer. CoQ10’s presence in every cell of the body, supports energy production and a heart health.*

Cardio WellnessReg´Activ Cardio Wellness contains the revolutionary, clinically studied probiotic strain Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3. Shown to be vital support for healthy glutathione levels in the cardiovascular system. Cardio Wellness pairs this powerhouse probiotic strain with B vitamins and CoQ10 to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range.*