Brewing Up a Smile

  • By Marlene's Market & Deli
  • 01 Dec, 2017
Deli Clerk, Jaron, believes that the keys to a successful winter holiday are the complex floral flavors, spicy aroma, and citrus hoppiness of HUB Abominable Winter Ale.

Federal Way Market Manager, Latara, encourages you to share the joy of some of the simple things in life. “Cozy up with a glass of Cougar Crest Cabernet Sauvignon and a toasty Hot Sack to melt away those aches and pains on a chilly night.”

Taste the good vibes of Unity Vibration kombucha! Everything you love about beer, paired with the tart flavors and glutenfree goodness of kombucha.

Your local wine connoisseur is sure to enjoy Montinore Estate biodynamic wines made from Willamette Valley estate vineyard grapes! Their Red Cap Pinot Noir is priced to be your goto wine that tastes like your special occasion bottle. Please lighter palates with Borealis – the clean, bright, and uplifting cool-weather white blend.

Is there a fruit lover on your list? Finn River offers cider, brandy, and fruit wine options that are made in the spirit of the old cider traditions, but with an approachable new perspective! Finn River is local to Chimacum, WA and certified by B Corp.
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
by Mitra Mohandessi

Persian cuisine is rich with hearty, nutrient-dense, and wonderfully flavorful dishes – Borani Esfanaj, or spinach borani, is no exception. Borani is a Persian dish made with yogurt and a cooked vegetable. Spinach borani is packed with flavor and healthful ingredients - suitable for any time of the year, but important enough to be present at every Persian New Year dinner table. To this day, I enjoy spinach borani, just as I did as a child, when I would come home from school and have it as my afternoon snack. Typically garnished with yogurt and served with bread, this recipe is a perfect appetizer for your next gathering… or just a Tuesday evening.
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
by Organic Valley

Break a piece of chocolate covered toffee and try not to smile. We dare you. Organic Valley Unsalted Butter is the secret ingredient to this family-table favorite.

Makes 25 bite-sized servings.

¾ c Organic Valley Unsalted Butter
1 c granulated sugar
1/3 c water
1/8 tsp salt
6 oz dark chocolate, melted
2-3 tsp rosemary leaves, finely chopped
Kosher or coarse sea salt, to taste
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
by Oksana Mulyukova, ND, EAMP

With winter comes cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and peppermint everything! But the shorter days and longer nights can create a difficult time for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According to The Academy of Family Practice, up to 25% of the U.S. population suffers from SAD—a type of depression that typically starts in the late fall or early winter and goes away during sunnier seasons. If you are one of many who finds their mood darkening as days grow shorter, you may be experiencing SAD.

SAD is not caused by the cold, but by the diminished light. People who live in northern latitudes where days are shorter in the winter suffer from SAD at a much higher rate. In fact, only 1.5% of Floridians experience SAD, whereas up to 12% of Washingtonians struggle with it. Researchers think that lack of sunlight affects brain chemistry leading to higher levels of melatonin and lower levels of serotonin, as well as lower levels of vitamin D.

Why are some people more susceptible to SAD than others? There are several attributes that may increase your risk of SAD:
• Being female. SAD is diagnosed four times more often in women than men.
• Family history. People with a family history of other types of depression are more likely to develop SAD than people who do not have a family history of depression.
• Having depression or bipolar disorder. The symptoms of depression may worsen with the seasons if you have one of these conditions.
• Younger age. Younger adults have a higher risk of SAD than older adults. SAD has even been reported in children and teens.

What can be done to alleviate symptoms of SAD? There are several simple things you can do every day to make winter blues go away:
1. Exercise regularly to increase the production of our “feel good hormones” which stimulate the thyroid gland and decrease the sense of lethargy.
2. Eat healthy foods high in vitamin D or take a supplement. Talk to your doctor about a blood test to measure your vitamin D levels and recommend a daily dose.
3. Use light therapy to replace the diminished sunshine of the darker months. Mood-boosting bulbs can be found to fit a majority of fixtures. There may be some side effects of light therapy such as dry eyes, headaches and insomnia. Discuss using light therapy with your doctor if you have bipolar disorder or taking any medications that react to bright light.
4. Acupuncture can alleviate symptoms of depression and SAD. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that electro-acupuncture – in which a mild electric current is transmitted through needles – was as effective as one of popular anti-depressant medication in reducing symptoms of depression.

If you recognize a pattern of SAD in your winter blues, don’t wait to address your needs. Know with confidence that there is a variety of treatments that can help.

Dr. Oksana Mulyukova is a naturopathic physician and an acupuncturist who practices in Tacoma and Lakewood, Washington. She is an in-network provider for major insurance companies. To learn more about, Dr. Mulyukova or to schedule an appointment go to
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
Hydroflask is the perfect companion for your hot cocoa on-the-go! Tacoma’s Mercantile Department Head, Brigit, loves how they keep your beverages at the temperatures they were meant to be enjoyed, when and wherever you want to drink them!
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
Body Care Department Head, Roberta, knows that radiant skin is always in! “Keep that summer skin glowing throughout the cold and bitter winter with yummy body scrubs and butters from V’TAE.
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
“I love giving food as a gift – a cheese, meat and seasonal fruit basket is usually something everyone can enjoy.” Perishable Department Head, Ashely, suggests Olli salami, Laura Chenel goat cheese, and some apples and pears to sweeten things up!
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
Deli Clerk, Jaron, believes that the keys to a successful winter holiday are the complex floral flavors, spicy aroma, and citrus hoppiness of HUB Abominable Winter Ale.
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Dec, 2017
Marlene’s is proud to introduce artisan spirits into our Beer and Wine Department! You asked for liquor and liqueurs from local and organic distillers, and we delivered! You can now find carefully crafted spirits that are held to the same high ingredient standards Marlene has set for the rest of her store.
By Marlene's Market & Deli 01 Nov, 2017
Ready or not, folks, the holidays are arriving. Time is certainly flying by!
Our people have been hard at work filling our stores with the very best products we can find so that you can prepare for a wonderful season with family and friends.

This issue is just FULL of delicious recipes. Everything is easy to prepare and all
ingredients can be found right here at Marlene’s.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed this month, take a look at the Thanksgiving offerings from our catering department. Every year our Food Services Director, Mary puts together an incredible, wholesome menu with side dishes, main dishes, and desserts. There are even gluten-free options for most items.

Thanksgiving dinners go quickly so be sure to put your order in early!

The turkeys will be landing at our stores mid-month. We will have free-range and organic options, as well as the ever-popular heirloom turkeys. All will come in a variety of sizes.

For those who lean toward a plant-based diet, we have delicious main dish options like the Tofurky Feast and Celebration Roast!

Of all the things I am thankful for, my customers are at the top of the list. THANK YOU for the love and support these many years we’ve spent together. I am wishing you all health and happiness today and always…

Much love,
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