Bulk Foods

Buying in bulk is an environmentally sound choice. Fewer packaging components means: less energy for manufacturing, less fuel for transportation, and less waste in landfills.

Bulk items often offer more options, and better options, at that! Buying in bulk often gives you more and better options. Buying only as much as you want or need makes it easy to try new things without committing to prepackaged quantities. Many of our bulk bins are filled with whole foods, and adding more whole foods to your diet is just smart!

Our bulk department offers dried heirloom and local beans, organic seasonings, unrefined sweeteners, and mineral rich salts. You’ll find loose leaf tea, dried herbs and spices, and local honey, as well as machines for making your own freshly ground peanut and almond butters!

Don’t forget to reuse your own jars and other containers to purchase bulk foods. Simply stop by a register before filling your container so that we can subtract the weight of the container from the weight of your food item.
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