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Every week Marlene’s hosts naturopaths, nutritionists, chefs, authors, and other leaders in the natural healing community.

Thursday, January 4 – Federal Way
with Dallin Peterson, ND, Tacoma Health
6:30 pm, FREE
Lowering blood pressure and blood lipids through cleansing reduces the two most common risk factors for heart disease. Find out if you are ready for a detoxification protocol with Dr. Peterson, from Tacoma Health. Learn what happens in the body when you cleanse, how to safely detoxify, and about the many other benefits including lowering blood pressure and reversing diabetes.

Tuesday, January 9 – Tacoma
with Meghan Hintz, LMT
6:30 pm, FREE
Choosing the right detox protocol isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. Join Meghan, a local health coach, for a thorough discussion on how to support detoxification on a daily basis, as well as choosing a more comprehensive detox program that takes into consideration how our bodies will respond during different times of the year.

Thursday, January 11 – Federal Way
with Lynn Mikel, ND, Natural Health Clinic
6:30 pm, FREE
The largest burden on our detoxification systems is often undigested food. Dr. Lynn Mikel will show us how to use whole foods to support detox and correct hormone imbalance. You’ll learn strategies to reduce stress through creative interaction with your subconscious for a successful detox that supports vitality, body comfort, weight loss, and happiness.

Saturday, January 13 – Federal Way
with Carl Anderson, BFRP, BFRAP, LMP
10 am – noon, FREE
Between our often stressful personal lives and the constant barrage of bad news we get from the media, sometimes we need to let ourselves experience emotional detox – a cleansing of negative and harmful emotions. Join Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner, Carl Anderson, and learn how using flower essences can elevate your emotional detox journey.

Tuesday, January 16 – Tacoma
with Elizabeth Bloom, DHI, DI Hom.
6:30 pm, FREE
The use of essential oils is an integral part of the natural wellness lifestyle of people worldwide. Join Elizabeth as she shares her expertise, and discover the long list of health benefits and aromatherapeutic pleasure essential oils provide, from easing headaches and promoting sleep to tending wounds and cleansing your home.

Thursday, January 18 – Federal Way
with Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP
6:30 pm, FREE
Internationally recognized author and health expert Deanna Minich believes that no matter what your diet looks like now, she can help you achieve better health by teaching you how to choose whole, plant-based foods that match every color of the rainbow! This interactive presentation will show you how to make creative food choices so you can live a more vibrant life, inside and out!

Saturday, January 20 – Federal Way
with Mack McLaughlin, founder of Green Man Microgreens
10 am – 1 pm, $20
Between sprouts and fully grown plants, you’ll find microgreens. These 3” wonders contain all the nutrients of their fully grown counterparts and can be cost effectively grown right in your own kitchen, all year long! Join Laurence (Mack) McLaughlin, microgreens expert and founder of Greenman Microgreens for a lesson on how to cultivate your own gourmet greens. Students will seed and take home their own 6” x 6” tray of microgreens! Please pre-register.

Saturday, January 20 – Federal Way
with Hanne Hojsted, Iridologist
3 pm – 5 pm, FREE
Good health is built with good nutrition. Join Hanne, an experienced iridologist, to learn how food helps you be the most vibrant and energetic version of yourself, at any age! Getting the right combination of foods and nutrients for your body can be tricky. Luckily, iridology can help provide key insights into what your body needs today!

Tuesday, January 23 – Tacoma
with Stephanie Johnson, BSN, NTP, Vitality Health Solutions
6:30 pm, FREE
Nutritional ketosis is the gold star for addressing weight loss and many other chronic diseases such as type two diabetes, some cancers, neurological disorders, and riding inflammation. Get on a “keto kick” with body transformation nutrition coach Stephanie Johnson who will lay out the steps to teach your body to burn fat for fuel, super charge your metabolism, and keep you feeling and looking great this year!

Thursday, January 25 – Federal Way
with Stephanie Wall, Sponsored by the City of Federal Way
6:30 pm, FREE
What would happen if we collectively made less trash? This workshop will explore this question and provide simple waste reduction techniques that can be implemented right away. Stephanie has been pursuing a waste free lifestyle since 2010. Join her as she teaches the zero-waste lifestyle movement that is spreading worldwide.

Saturday, January 27 – Tacoma
with Mitra Mohandessi
10 am – noon, $30
Spices play a huge role in the varying dishes across India. Join culinary arts enthusiast Mitra, to learn about some of the world’s most treasured spices and how they blend together to create India’s most popular dishes! Enjoy chicken biryani, a traditional rice dish that is marinated and steeped with an array of aromatic spices. Enjoy your biryani with a side of dahi chutney, yogurt with fresh herbs, and a cup of masala chai, Assam black tea leaves brewed with special mix of spices. Please pre-register.

Tuesday, January 30 – Tacoma
with Katrina Elkins, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Author
6:30 pm, FREE
Did you know that seventy percent of our toxins are released through exhaling? Breathing is the fastest and most powerful way to detox your body. Release old ways of breathing and bring in new connections to yourself! Join Katrina Elkins, founder of Awakened Heart Healing Center, as she shares the wisdom of how the breath can connect you with your inner knowing, peace, and self-love.

At least 48 hours advance registration is required for all fee-based classes.
Refunds will be issued with at least 48 hours advance notice. With less than 24 hours notice, no refunds will be issued.
Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for all events. We cannot reserve seats for free classes.
Please refrain from wearing any fragrance, natural or artificial, to classes.
If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register for cooking classes.

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